Dwyane Wade and the Chicago Bulls finally sorted things out with the latter agreeing to a contract buyout. It was something inevitable, and now most are keeping tabs on where the 35-year-old guard will be suiting up next.

There are at least four teams linked to the all-star guard. Those includes the Cleveland Cavaliers, Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs and the only other team he has played for – the Miami Heat. Ordinarily, seeing a player head back home would be fitting. The problem is that he may end up spending more time on the bench and mentoring younger players.

The way he played last season, Wade is looking to play more than teach the young kids on any team where he may end up. The same scenario could be in store at Oklahoma City, meaning logical destinations would either be the Cleveland Cavaliers or the San Antonio Spurs.

Why the Cavaliers?

Cleveland is a place where most believe he will go. LeBron James is there and most know how both hold a strong bond. Also, the fact that the Cavs would need someone to fill in the shooting guard position makes plenty of sense. Should Cleveland take him in, they have a fantastic four made up of James, Wade, Derrick Rose and Kevin Love. But would this be enough to improve the Cavs chances for the 2017-18 NBA season?

All four have proven themselves already, but all are no longer young. Missing from the mix is the injured Isaiah Thomas, someone who is not expected to suit up until January 2018 according to Cleveland.com.

Curiously, Wade has had his share of being sidelined with injuries. The same holds true for Rose, which could mean the odd scenario of seeing the backcourt saddled with injured players.

Assuming he stays healthy, will Wade get playing minutes over the rest?

James could have a hand in making sure that Wade does not end up idle on the bench. “The Flash” can explode at any time and most know the damage he can do on a hot night. Wade will mentor the young kids, but perhaps be more balanced.

Spurs take care of the oldies

San Antonio is another possible destination, adding another aging player to the mix. Wade could end up partnering with Tony Parker once he gets into the groove. Coach Gregg Popovich is likely to put him to good use, a ploy he has done with other veterans in the mix.

Paired with Parker, LaMarcus Aldridge, Kawhi Leonard and Pau Gasol, Wade could fit in but with managed minutes. Aware of injury risks, Popovich has been known to utilize players at just the right frequency to avoid unwanted injuries.

Between the Cavs and the Spurs, it seems Wade’s best chance is to join the Cavs. Money may be the only issue left, something that may likely cost way below the $23.8 million deal that was bought out by the Bulls. According to ESPN, Wade agreed to leave out $8 million from that. Moving forward, he is unlikely to get a lucrative deal like that with his playing career slowly winding down.