Lewis Hamilton has broken Michael Schumacher’s all time pole position record at the Italian Grand Prix qualifying session. Hamilton set a new record of 69th Formula 1 pole position at Pista Magica. Moreover, he has also surpassed Max Verstappen and placed himself in the top spot.

Hamilton beat Michael Schumacher and Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton was able to finish the lap at the 69th position for only one minute and 35.554 seconds during the 2017 Italian Grand Prix. With this, he has surpassed Michael Schumacher long standing record of 68th pole position from 307 races.

Hence, Hamilton has placed himself as Formula One's all-time position king.

The Mercedes race car driver was able to beat Max Verstappen who finished the laps for one minute and 36.702 seconds. With this, Hamilton was 1.148 seconds faster than Verstappen who also committed several grid penalties.

Lewis Hamilton vs. Michael Schumacher

Hamilton said that his latest achievement is dedicated to Michael and his family. He also mentioned about Schumacher’s contribution to the sports and how grateful he is about it. He added that by raising a new record for the pole, it would bring more honor to Formula 1.

Schumacher’s family, on the other hand, sent a message to congratulate Lewis and said that Michael’s record was always meant to be broken.

Hamilton then replied that he wishes to speak to the F1 legend’s family about their current condition and hopes things will get better for the seven-times champion’s health.

Although Lewis Hamilton has surpassed the Formula 1 legend’s record, Michael Schumacher is still way ahead of the Mercedes driver. Schumacher has 91 victories while Hamilton is currently on 58.

Moreover, the F1 legend has 155 podiums while the new all-time position king has 111.

Schumacher’s health condition details

More than three and half years have passed since the horrific accident of the legendary Formula 1 driver wherein he suffered horrible injuries at the French Alps. The incident happened on December 29, 2013, while he and his family were enjoying their skiing activity.

After hitting his head with a rock, the Formula champion was rushed to Grenoble Hospital. The medical team then performed an immediate neurosurgical intervention and another two major life-saving operations. Doctors also revealed that his condition was described as extremely serious. After the incident, the F1 legend remained in a coma.

His condition was updated again in April 2014. His family claimed that he had shown several moments of consciousness. Three months later, his family revealed that he was no longer in a coma, and had been transferred from Lausanne Hospital to their house at Lake Geneva. His family further explained that Michael would continue his rehabilitation at his house.

In 2016, the Formula 1 legend’s pictures were accidentally leaked and sold for £1million.

Police conducted an investigation and found out that the images were taken from Michael’ home in Geneva.

Formula 1 legend’s manager, Sabine Kehm, released a statement about the German driver current condition in December, saying that his health is not a public issue. Hence, there will be no comments coming from his family nor his team.