Lewis Hamilton wins again in Formula 1. Vettel had to retire from the Singapore Grand Prix after a chaotic start. Kimi Räikkönen and Max Verstappen were also affected by the crash and could not continue the race. Vettel himself was to blame for the fiasco and he lost some important points. Even before the first corner, the three cars collided and demolished each other.

Ferraris unfortunate race

Vettel rival Lewis Hamilton used Ferraris unfortunate race and could improve their score. But not only Lewis Hamilton, who now leads with 28 points, threatens Vettel's chances of winning the world championship.

The distance between Vettel and Bottas, who finished third in the race, was also reduced to only 23 little points. For Vettel, the coming races will be uncomfortable.

Hamilton and Vettel

The atmosphere between Hamilton and Vettel has been tense since the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku. Hamilton slowed down a long time before setting off behind the safety car. Then, Vettel dabbled him and angry, raised his arms, flanked him, screamed at him something, then struck him with his right wheels. A non-sporting attitude that cost 10 seconds of the penalty with stop/go to the Ferrari driver.


In addition, Sebastian Vettel had to apologize to the FIA on Monday, July 3, 2017, after his attack against Lewis Hamilton at the FIA, to prevent a disqualification.

At the hearing, he took full responsibility for the impact and apologized afterward. With the three penalty points from the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel now has nine penalty points. If he makes another mistake, there is even the risk of a roadblock for the next Grand Prix. The penalty point system was introduced by the FIA in 2014 to prevent gross decency violations and misconduct on the racetrack.

For example, a driver who has collected twelve penalty points within one year will be banned from a race.

Lewis Hamilton

One of the most prominent Formula 1 drivers in the field is Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), who has been involved in Formula 1 since 2007 and has already won three world championship titles. His closest rival is the German Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari, who won the world championship four times in a row between 2010 and 2013.

Other well-known faces of this year's Formula 1 season are Kimi Räikkönen (Ferrari), Nico Hülkenberg (Renault) and Fernando Alonso (McLaren). Felipe Massa (Williams) is also a name that should be on the screen.