Sebastian Vettel caused an accident during the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix. Ferrari driver clashed with his teammate Kimi Raikkonen and Red Bull driver Max Verstappen. The German driver said to be innocent, but max Verstappen does not think so. Verstappen says Sebastian Vettel should apologize for the accident. The German put the Dutchman and his teammate Kimi Raikkonen out of the Grand Prix of Singapore. According to Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel caused the accident by moving across too much to defend the position after a slow start from the pole.

Lewis Hamilton

The British driver Lewis Hamilton wins the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix. The Mercedes pilot is very close to his Formula 1 world title. Now Lewis has 28 points more than Sebastian Vettel, the pilot of Ferrari. But there are still some races to run and the English pilot must remain concentrated. The Mercedes seems to be the strongest car. Even the teammate of Lewis Hamilton seems to be difficult to overcome. In fact, Valeri Bottas is very close to Vettel in the standings and could also fight for second place.

Post race investigation

The F1 officials did not punish the Ferrari driver. But Max Verstappen is angrier because the German did not apologize after the accident. Verstappen said that Vettel could have moved across better.

The Dutchman was surprised that Vettel was so aggressive. Max thinks Ferrari driver should not have risked so much because he was struggling with Hamilton for the victory of the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship.

Ferrari tweet

Ferrari wrote a tweet after the crash suggests that the Dutch driver was to blame, but Max's father Jos, the former F1's pilot, said his son was blameless in the accident.

Looking at the TV pictures, Kimi Raikkonen comes to the right and drives right. Also, Vettel comes to the left, and Max is in the middle of the two Ferrari. So, he can't go left and can't go right. It could hardly have avoided the impact.

The show

Jos Verstappen also wanted Sebastian Vettel to be penalized for triggering the accident.

It is not the first accident for the German driver. In fact, Sebastian was penalized after the clash in Baku with the F1 standings leader Lewis Hamilton. If he now receives a penalty F1's stewards should suspend him for a race. So, it could allow Lewis Hamilton to win the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship, while the FIA wants pilots to play for the title still long. The show must go on.