It looks like this season's biggest NFL holdout is finally over. After sitting out of training camp and all four preseason games, Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell reported to the Steelers facility Friday morning. Bell was given the franchise tag early in the NFL offseason, but he refused to sign it. Bell was looking for a new deal and when the deadline passed for a new deal to be made, he began his holdout. Bell is expected to sign the tender after he passes his physical, as the Steelers are happy to have back one of the most dynamic players in the NFL.

Quite the summer

Since Le'Veon Bell was in the middle of a holdout through most of the summer, he took some time to enjoy the sun and even look into his future after football. Bell has been pretty active on social media, posting workout videos during his time in Florida and engaging his teammates in rap battles. Bell even took it upon himself to apply for a job at Dairy Queen, just in case he didn't make his return today. Bell's summer has been anything but lackluster, but he chose to come back to the Steelers after tweeting the September 1St date. Bell actually debated coming in next Monday due to the fact that the Steelers have off Friday through Monday. Now that Bell's summer has come to an end, he can start to focus on his first opponent, the Cleveland Browns.

Dynamic presence

There is no question that Le'Veon Bell is a dynamic presence when he is on the field and his teammates are ready to welcome him back. Bell is one of few running backs in today's game that are dangerous in not only the running game but the passing game. Bell averaged 157 scrimmage yards per game last season, the fourth highest for a running back in NFL history.

Steelers guard David DeCastro can't wait to block for Bell again, telling reporters: "We just want to get him here and get back to work. We look forward to that and embrace him with open arms."

The Steelers' offense looks much different with Le'Veon Bell on the field. Bell's patience as a runner is one of the best in the league, waiting for the right hole, and he uses his deceptive speed to get by the second level of defenders.

Bell could also be an above average slot receiver too, as his route running is crisp and precise. He has a great route runner to take notes from in Antonio Brown, so this should be expected.

Le'Veon Bell is ready to get back to work as he has a little over a week to prepare for the Cleveland Browns. Bell has to sign his $12.1 million tender first -- it is expected that he will by Friday.