The NFL offseason has reached the point where the drama begins. The combine is happening this week, the official start of the NFL year begins in about two weeks, and teams are making the tough decisions on who to let go and who to keep. One of the ways teams can keep their players is if they apply the Franchise Tag to the player they want to keep.

A franchise tag is when the team keeps that player on a one year deal, and that player is paid by the league average for their respective positions . Some teams already made their move, tagging the players they want to keep, hoping they can make a long term deal.

Let's check out some of the names already tagged.

Chandler Jones

Chandler Jones was given the franchise tag by the Arizona Cardinals. With his first season as a Cardinal in the books, they feel as though Jones is ready to make jump into being a 3-4 pass rusher. Jones had 11 sacks last season and is one of four players in the last four seasons with 40+ sacks and 10+ forced fumbles.

Jones was given the non-exclusive tag, meaning a team can give him an offer sheet, and if Arizona doesn't match it they will be given two first round picks for compensation. Jones plans on returning, as he found his niche with the Cardinal defense. The tag salary for LBs is $15.3 million, which is about double what he mad last year.

Expect Jones back with the Cardinals under the tag.

Jason Pierre-Paul

The Giants have tagged their best pass rusher in Jason Pierre-Paul. Paul had a decent season, getting 7 sacks and batting down 12 passes, which was eighth in the entire league. Paul made it known he doesn't want to play on a one-year deal with anyone. He said "I’ve done proved it.

There’s not a guy like me doing it with 7.5 fingers,” (ESPN).

Paul is right, because nobody in the NFL is playing with a hand and a half besides him. Paul played on a one-year $10 million deal last season, and he performed well until hernia surgery cut his season short. The Giants have until July 15 to get him to a long-term deal.

Could we see a hold out for Mr. Paul in his future?

Kawann Short

The Panthers placed their non-exclusive tag on their defensive tackle Kawann Short. Short had a good season producing 6 sacks and 55 tackles. Short explained that he didn't want to be tagged, but if he was he'd sign the deal immediately. Short is the anchor of the defensive line, being able to get pressure on the QB from the middle. The Panthers made sure the kept their "high priority" player for at least one more year, but they should get him a long term deal.

Le'Veon Bell

The Steelers locked up their star running back, placing the franchise tag on Le'Veon Bell. Bell is coming off a monster season, running for 1,268 yards, averaging almost five yards per carry.

He also was a receiving threat, catching 75 balls for 716 yards.

Bell's tag is an exclusive tag, meaning he can't sign an offer sheet by any other team. The Steelers have until July 15 at 4 p.m. to approach a long term deal, or Bell will have to play under the tag. The Steelers should make signing Bell a high priority, as he is the face of the Steelers.

Melvin Ingram

The L.A Chargers have tagged their LB Melvin Ingram with the non-exclusive franchise tag. Ingram has been productive over the last two seasons, accumulating 18.5 sacks. Ingram was going to be one of the hottest free agents on the market, as many teams could've benefitted from his pass rushing abilities.

Ingram is a hard case as if he is designated a linebacker he will get paid $15 million, but if he's designated as a lineman he will get paid $17 million.

The Chargers have some things to sort out, but they want to get Ingram locked up long-term.

All teams have until Wednesday afternoon at 3.p.m. to apply their one and only franchise tag to players. Many stars have already been tagged, but who will be next? Will your team tag the player they need the most? Stay tuned to find out.