As the NBA season draws closer and closer, many players are beginning to get back into the routine of working out, playing more basketball, and things of that nature. LeBron James has been very active on social media throughout the offseason, posting videos of him working out, jamming to tunes, and even spending time with his wife and kids. ESPN released their famous ranking of players in the NBA, and while Carmelo Anthony's spot is causing a stir, LeBron James sits at the top once again for a seventh consecutive year. But LeBron's title as the league's best player is fading faster than many think.

He seat as King is about to be taken and there is nothing he can do about it.

Father Time's toll

In all sports, father time is undefeated, even though many try to test him. LeBron James isn't your average human, though, as it was rumored that doctors told him he had the body of a 19-year old last season. If one player could put up a decent fight against age it would be LeBron James, but in the end, he will still lose.

James played a huge amount of minutes last year, the highest amount in the NBA. LeBron is heavily relied upon by his coach and teammates that he fails to get decent rest in games. The only way he gets rest is if he doesn't play at all. The minutes LeBron has played over his career are mind-boggling, and even though he is a freakish athlete, his body can only take so much.

He is entering year 15 of his awesome career and this might be the last season he has of truly being the undisputed king of the NBA. His age and his minutes are catching up with him, which will allow other players to take a shot at the throne.

Gap is closing

One of the moments that signified that LeBron's reign is coming to an end was Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

Kevin Durant took the ball down the court, sized up LeBron, and took a deep three that hit nothing but nylon. That put the game away for the Warriors and took the breath out of LeBron and the Cavs.

Kevin Durant has always been a special talent, but he needed to be in the right system, around great players (just like LeBron), to achieve his maximum potential.

Durant's shot sent a message to the NBA that he is ready to take the throne from James and begin his own era of dominant basketball. Other players like Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, and Kawhi Leonard are also taking their shots at the King. The gap LeBron had between himself and the rest of the players is closing fast.

LeBron James isn't going to drop off a cliff and become a below par player in the NBA, he is simply too great to do that. But with age catching up and new talent coming for his throne, it will be hard for James to continue to claim the title as best in the league. James will forever be an iconic player both on and off the court, but his era of dominance in the NBA is coming to a close whether he likes it or not.