Roman Reigns has his eyes set in what happens in two weeks at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles because he will be involved in a Wrestlemania quality main event against the 16-time world champion John Cena at WWE's "No Mercy."

It is going to be an unforgettable WWE match for sure when one of these two men leaves Los Angeles with a loss. For fans, it is a must-see match with Roman Reigns and John Cena in the same ring at same time.

Roman squared off against the General Manager's son

The event started with "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns making his way to the ring in a contest scheduled for one fall against Kurt Angle's son Jason Jordan.

Last week, Jordan went one-on-one against John Cena. It was a highly competitive match where Jordan pushed himself to the limits and gave tough competition to John. It was much like when Cena, 15 years ago in 2002, debuted against Jason's father Kurt Angle on Smackdown.

In that match between Cena and Jordan, there was a time when Jason almost made everyone think that he's going to pull out a victory over Cena. But John Cena was able to hold on and ended the match with an Attitude Adjustment move to Jason. Cena picked the win, but Jason Jordan earned his respect. Roman Reigns interrupted Cena's victory celebration and asked him why it took over 20 minutes to beat a rookie (it actually took closer to 12 minutes).

Roman got a tough competition

This week it was his time for Roman Reigns to prove himself against an absolutely cold-blooded Jason Jordan. Jordan, prior to the match, gave an interview where he said that he wanted a match against Reigns because he needed to prove to himself that he can hang out with the best. It was a hell of a match.

Reigns continued to wear down Jordan by giving right hands and suplexes throughout the match but Jason Jordan did not give up and kept getting up continuously. Throughout the match, it was visible that Jason Jordan wanted to prove that he belongs in the world of the WWE.

Jason Jordan tried to fight back by giving shots to the mid section of Roman Reigns and tried to create a separation so that he can come back in the fight.

It seems that Jordan was driven by failure as previously he came up short against John Cena and was trying not to repeat the mistake with Roman.

Roman Reigns ended the match by giving a Superman Punch followed by a massive spear, but it was a hard fought victory for Roman. John Cena was smiling backstage watching him.

Cena interrupted

After the match, John Cena made his entrance to the ring and confronted Roman Reigns and asked him that why was he so close to losing the match against Jason Jordan. At the end of the discussion, Cena claimed to Roman that nobody has been able to cut him down to size and that's why he is on Raw - to do it.