This season, the NBA will have numerous changes not only on rosters but also with a new schedule and some new rules. Fans will see a new and improved player-friendly schedule for the regular season in the hopes of minimizing the resting of players. Along with a new schedule, the NBA will also feature new rules with relation to timeouts in order to improve game flow for next season. Here are some new updates on other offseason events.

Andre Iguodala was about to set goodbye meeting with Warriors

The Golden State Warriors continued to make improvements in their roster this season by adding Nick Young, Omri Casspi, and Jordan Bell while only removing one role player in Ian Clark.

Chris Haynes of NBA ESPN has reported that Andre Iguodala was ready to say goodbye to the Golden State Warriors this offseason, which could have changed everything. Iguodala had a heavy heart due to the low initial offer made by the Golden State Warriors of $36 million over three years. When the offseason started, Iguodala talked and listened to the Sacramento Kings, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers, and the Houston Rockets. It seemed likely that Iguodala was going to the Houston Rockets, as Daryl Morey talked to Iguodala about numerous sign-and-trade deals that would help Iguodala earn lots of money for next season.

Iguodala contacted the Warriors to set up a meeting where he might say goodbye to the franchise.

But then the front office called agent Joe Lacob and informed him that they are willing to give Iguodala a three-year $48 million deal. This was made possible when Kevin Durant took less money this offseason in order to hold on to Iguodala and to give Steph Curry the contract of his life.

76ers confident that they can retain Embiid

Joel Embiid showed how good he was when he played in his first NBA season last year. Embiid showed a variety of moves that directly propelled him to become a solid athletic big man in the NBA for the years to come. Embiid does have numerous injury concerns, but the 76ers are approaching it in a hyper-conservative way in that they are going to listen to experts on when Embiid will be ready to practice five versus five basketball.

ESPN has reported that the 76ers are very confident that they can re-sign Joel Embiid before the deadlines. Despite having injury issues it seems like the Sixers are looking to commit to holding on to Embiid after his excellent performance last season.