isaiah thomas may have gotten the worse of the Cavs-Celtics trade but this latest Twitter post from ESPN's Chris Forsberg shows how much he has adapted to his new team. In a rare social media interaction, the photo was taken from Thomas' wife Kayla's Instagram, showing the player and his son at his designated Cavs locker room. Thomas has been vocal about how he felt about the trade, but now, the player is leaving things behind to concentrate on his new team.

Isaiah, in his Instagram post, showed a glimpse of his workout in Cavs gear with the caption: "They say every man is defined by his reaction to any given situation.

Well who would you want to define you? Someone else or yourself? Whatever you do, give your heart to it and stay strong"... THE MARATHON CONTINUES!!!" Coming to terms with the trade, the new Cavs guard is dedicating his time to recovering from his hip injury and will soon play for the Cavs in the regular season.

Isaiah Thomas on The Players' Tribune

Isaiah Thomas, in a tell-all article in The Players' Tribune, wrote how he felt about the trade and the incident that led him to accept his fate. As opposed to his quiet approach in the primary stage of the trade, IT was more open and honest about Celtics' GM Danny Ainge and the home he thought he had in Boston.

His thoughts when he learned about the trade were of his family, especially his two sons.

But he had to make the call because he wanted them to learn about the news from him and not from other sources. Apparently, Isaiah is still drifting beyond the impact of the trade and how hurt he was by the Celtics decision. Nevertheless, he further mentioned that he looks forward to playing with LeBron James and the rest of the Cavs team.

Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic as part of the trade

Isaiah Thomas joins Jae Crowder and Ante Zizic in the blockbuster trade between the Celtics and Cavs. A few weeks ago, Crowder was spotted working out in his Cavs gear while Thomas remained silent about the whole thing. His first significant statement after the trade was about his health; the hip injury that is one of the reasons he was traded.

He mentioned that no doctor has ever told him that he won't play basketball again or that his injury has ended his career.

Celtics GM Danny Ainge said he is confident Isaiah Thomas will make a full recovery and will be out proving himself to the world. "When that time comes, it will be the happiest moment of his life," he added. Ainge himself confirmed that Thomas' hip injury played a role in the trade; something that the Cavs franchise was also aware of during the trade talks.