Donald Trump and the sports world have dominated the headlines due to the president's recent controversial remarks about NFL players who protest the National Anthem. While the conservative media has been mostly supportive of Trump, one host on Fox News doesn't think his actions were for the best.

Fox News on Trump

Donald Trump, like many other conservatives, takes pride in the national anthem and what it means to them. Republicans have long championed the idea of supporting the military, though Democrats and other liberals have pushed back against that notion.

Over the weekend, the issue of the national anthem and the right to protest was brought front in center after the president brought up the topic during a rally in Alabama. Trump singled out NFL players who kneel during the national anthem as a "son of a bitch," while calling on team owners to fire those who take part in the protest. In the days since his speech, Trump has continued to attack the NFL in several Twitter posts, which caused players to speak out and increased the number of protests that took place during the games on Sunday. As seen during the September 25 edition of "Fox & Friends," one host wasn't a fan of how the president handled the issue at hand.

On the Monday morning edition of "Fox & Friends" and Fox News, Donald Trump's war of words was highlighted on the program.

As expected, the consensus in recent days from the majority of the on-air talent at Fox News was to defend the president, especially coming from the likes of hosts Sean Hannity and Judge Jeanine Pirro. However, it was the morning show's co-host Brian Kilmeade who broke from the network and spoke out against the billionaire real estate mogul.

"Everyone knows that from day one I have been outraged by this," Brian Kilmeade said in reference to NFL players protesting the national anthem.

The Fox News host encouraged those who want to protest racial injustice to do so in another form as opposed to kneeling during the anthem. However, Kilmeade shifted gears slightly when he pushed back against the president for insulting players and the league ad nauseam. "Yesterday, I thought the president, overall his remarks Friday and his tweet Saturday made everything worse," Kilmeade said.

Next up

With even some at Fox News now questioning Donald Trump's decision making when it comes to his rift with the NFL over the national anthem, only time will tell how it will all play out. Despite this, Trump has more important issues facing his presidency, most notably an ongoing debate domestically on health care, as well as foreign policy troubles highlighted by his recent war of words with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.