Dwyane Wade will sit out his contract with the Chicago Bulls until the franchise will come to him with a decent offer. According to Yahoo! Sports, there's no doubt there will be a buyout, the issue is when and how much is at stake with Wade's remaining $23.8 million season contract. With just 10 days before training camp, it's likely that they will come around talking about the buyout but for now, none of them have approached each other's camp.

The case of a possible buyout

According to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times, Wade's interest on a buyout came after the Bulls traded Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves on draft-night.

Despite Wade expressing his interest for a buyout, reports reveal that he has not approached the management regarding the matter. Apparently, he wants the team to come to him and make a proposal that is worth the money left on his contract.

According to reports, at least three teams are interested in acquiring Dwyane Wade even after training camp has started. These teams include the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Chicago Bulls franchise, on the other hand, has given their official statement about the rumored buyout and if they are interested in such deal. Until such time they arrive in an agreement, interested teams will have to wait and prepare their offer before the season starts.

Dwyane Wade during the NBA offseason

Meanwhile, Dwyane Wade has been busy working out during the offseason. In separate occasions, he was spotted working out with Thunders' Paul George and Cavaliers' LeBron James in Los Angeles. These recent meetings however evoked rumors that he's eyeing a transfer to the Lakers next season.

Paul George, prior to his transfer to the Thunders expressed his interest to play with the Lakers. While LeBron James was spotted "scouting" for a high school in Los Angeles. As it turns out, he went to the high school gym for his regular workout and not really really looking for a new school for his kids.

Dwyane Wade, 35, recently commented on Twitter about Sports Illustrated's NBA rankings wherein, the 2006 NBA Finals MVP said you can't win championships or have your jersey's retired by making it to the list.

Apparently, he is not happy by how he landed on the 74th spot and a no-show on ESPN's Top 100 NBA rankings. Wade spent his entire 13 seasons with the Miami Heat until he departed the team during free agency to join the Chicago Bulls.