Dwyane Wade reserved praise for a deserving figure on Friday. As the Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony was taking place, the Chicago Bulls guard sent a tweet specifically congratulating guard Tracy Mcgrady on his induction; the shooting guard was the leading figure entering immortality on Friday. The two may have been rivals on the court, but just like other examples in NBA history, game simply recognizes game, as Wade did in this instance.

Wade shows respect

On Friday, McGrady entered the Hall of Fame, along with Rebecca Lobo, Bill Self, and Muffet McGraw, among others.

The shooting guard - who never won a championship - is best known for his scoring acumen and exciting playing style, once scoring 13 points in just over 33 seconds in one of the most exciting basketball highlights over the last decade plus. Wade couldn't help but show respect for one of the greats who preceded him atop the NBA landscape.

While McGrady was being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Wade was having his own busy weekend in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was receiving the Mannie Jackson Spirit Award, ironically named after yet another one of the weekend's Hall of Fame honorees.

The guard received the award for the work he has done in communities he has played in, particularly in Chicago, where he immediately inserted himself into the dialogue about racial affairs and policing after signing with the team in 2016, looking to give back to his hometown.

McGrady vs. Wade

When comparing their careers, it becomes fairly clear who has had more success in the NBA.

While McGrady has a couple of years of experience on his counterpart, Wade has five more All-Star Game appearances, one more All-NBA appearance, and three more All-Defense selections. He also has a major advantage in the playoffs, the bane of McGrady's career. Wade has taken home three titles so far, while his counterpart only came close to even sniffing one due to a late-career switch to the San Antonio Spurs.

According to Basketball-Reference, they shared the court 17 times during the regular season and twice in the playoffs. They split those playoff games, but Wade won 11 of the regular season contests. He also outplayed McGrady in almost every aspect of those games, with the exception of three-point shooting, which has never been Wade's game. It's only a matter of time before the Bulls guard joins his adversary in the Hall of Fame.