Dwyane Wade has reunited with old pal LeBron James, signing a one-year deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was a meager $2.3 million deal, which is low compared to his past paydays. Wade's most successful seasons and biggest contracts came from his time with the Miami Heat.

At 35, most know that Wade is nearing the end of his colorful NBA career. Last season, he did show that he still had the ability to play with younger players. The coming NBA season could be his last one, though based on his interview with the Associated Press, it does not appear to be that way.

Could he end up heading back into free agency following his time with the Cavs?

Retiring in Miami

Since invading the league in 2003, Dwyane Wade has had his best years in Miami. Together, Wade and LeBron James won two NBA championships. James decided to return to Cleveland, though, with Wade opting to spend some time with the Chicago Bulls.

Despite their age, critics and fans believe that the duo has improved the chances of the Cavs winning another NBA title. The Golden State Warriors are the prime contender, but there are other teams emerging out West (i.e. Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder).

In the Eastern Conference, one big stumbling block is the Boston Celtics. Looking ahead, winning another NBA title could be tedious, though doable, for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

For Wade, this could be a final run before pondering his next move. Winning an NBA title could convince him to stay in Cleveland for another year. A loss, however, could lead the All-Star guard wrapping up his NBA career. If that happens, chances are he would try to rejoin the Miami Heat and embrace the original role offered to him – a bench player.

At that point, things may not matter for Wade anymore. All he may want is to finish his career properly and with the same team that drafted him 5th overall in the 2003 NBA Draft.

Staying healthy

For Wade and James to win an NBA title, staying healthy is a prime concern. James has managed himself properly, fending off serious injuries throughout his career.

The case is different with Wade.

Known for his high-flying and acrobatic ways, Wade has fallen to a number of injuries to his extremities. The last had to do with his elbow, which sidelined him in Chicago for a time.

The Cavs benefit immensely with Wade at the shooting guard spot. However, that will only work if the 35-year-old is healthy and ready to play each night.

Head coach Tyronn Lue will do his share, but Wade needs to be ready too. Youth is not on the side of Dwyane Wade, so the veteran shooting guard may need to defer more often in the 2017-18 NBA season.