According to USA Today, President Donald Trump was not going to let Stephen Curry have the last word. A day after Curry said he was not going to visit the White House, Trump tweeted that he was withdrawing his invitation from the Golden State Warrior.

Not only did two-time MVP Curry say he was not visiting with his team, but many other Warriors such as coach Steve Kerr and MVP Kevin Durant felt the same way. The entire team has not made a final decision to visit the White House to celebrate their championship.

The Warriors and White House officials had discussed the possibility of a visit.

General manager Bob Myers said the team was planning to meet soon to discuss the matter and vote on whether to go or not.

Trump's tweet

Trump used his 140 characters to have his say. He indicated that going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team. He called out Curry by saying that Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore, the invitation is withdrawn. In order for Trump to get on top of Curry's decision, he clapped back and withdrew the invitation. Some people on social media think Trump's tweet was petty.

LeBron James spoke up on behalf of Curry. The three-time NBA champion and Cleveland Cavaliers player fired back at Trump by tweeting that going to the White House used to be an honor until Trump showed up.

Curry's beliefs

Curry disagrees with many of the things President Trump has said and done that are not presidential. In a press conference on Friday night, Curry admitted that he is not going to the White House.

Hopefully, it will send a message that he is not in agreement with Trump's tactics. It might provoke some changes and get the president to see that the country cannot continue to tolerate some of the things he is doing. It’s not really about Curry not going to the White House, but it is about the message he is sending.

Curry believes that many athletes are doing all they can.

They are using their platforms to inspire change. Curry concluded that he doesn't think by not going to the White House is going to instantly make everything better, but it is his way of saying he doesn't agree with President Donald Trump on a lot of issues.

Steph Curry's decision not to go to the White House was his right. It was not the decision of all of the Warriors. So, did Trump withdraw the invitation from only Curry or from all of the Warriors? According to the tweet, only Curry was specified.