The Cleveland Cavaliers think they now have a great roster to pass on the Carmelo Anthony trade. According to CBSSports, the New York Knicks primarily asked for Tristan Thompson, 26, in exchange for Anthony but the Cavs bailed. The Knicks were also eyeing on two first-round picks in 2018 if they can't have Thompson, something that the team is not willing to give. Thompson is under contract with the Cavs for three more seasons with a beginning salary of $16 million per year.

Carmelo Anthony waived his no-trade clause for the Thunders; an agreement that the player primary reserved for the Houston Rockets.

According to previous reports, Anthony will only waive his no-trade clause for the Rockets, hence the prolonged decision to leave the Knicks. Last weeks, rumors revealed that it's likely he will be traded before the training camp begins. Now, he's finally with the Thunders in exchange for Doug McDermott, Enes Kanter, and a 2018 second-round pick via the Chicago Bulls.

Paul George on Carmelo Anthony trade

Paul George, meanwhile, has a lot to say about the trade describing it as the "championship team."Speaking to USA Today Sports, George said: "I'm in a good place.You put us three together, who all have something to prove still, (and) we're going to be a special team. We have a young group, a lot of talent here, an unbelievable coach (in Billy Donovan), (and) as you see, a front office that's willing to do whatever it takes to improve the team."

Kevin Durant, on the other hand, has little to say about the newly Carmelo Anthony's transfer to the Thunders saying, "I'm only focused on the Thunders." The New York Knicks failed to trade Carmelo Anthony to the Houston Rockets after the request to acquire Eric Gordon, and Trevor Ariza became a no-trade deal for the Houston Rockets.

Unfortunately, the latter needed to release Ryan Anderson and his $20 million per year contract with the Rockets.

Houston Rockets loses Carmelo Anthony

Did the Houston Rockets lose their chance on Carmelo Anthony? Apparently after they slow stride their confirmation with the Knicks. Previous reports said that Anthony wanted to be traded to the Rockets, a clear sign for the team that they don't need to work up much to acquire Anthony but they took their time way too long to lose him.

Now, Carmelo gave the Knicks the go-signal to trade him to the Thunders with the potential of forming a "championship team" consisting of Anthony, Paul George, and Russell Westbrook.