Some teams make the playoffs and then experience an extended hiatus from the competition. One such team is the Minnesota Vikings, and they are desperately trying to return to form. The team had witnessed the awful controversy early in 2016.

Team is suffering from injuries

Earlier this year, the rumors were that The Minnesota Vikings' quarterback condition was steady. However, they could be examining the starter as soon as the 2017 NFL season settles. This was only because there is a chance that they would drop together Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater in the coming year.

According to Toronto Sun, Bradford returned to the practice ground recently despite swelling. stated that the Vikings may not choose up the fifth-year choice in Bridgewater's contract. The result has somewhat to do with the huge knee damages - displacement and ACL rip he suffered in previous year's offseason. Unfortunately, these health hindrances feared to be career-ending. The physios are trying their best to make the players fit as early as possible.

Team is targeting couple of players

The newest rumor suggests that Vikings may have enormous strategies for the coming Draft Day. Regardless of not having a first-round preference, the team seems to be aiming a number of influential performers who can intercede and shine from the launch.

Seeing the uncertain amount of changes made throughout the permitted organization, Minnesota unconditionally wishes some power add-ons during the draft. As mentioned above, the Vikings made some of the key validations this offseason. The add-ons of Riley Reiff and Mike Remmers will certainly aid this violent line to recover.

Though, there are still some amounts of dumps on this list that must be talked. That’s what Minnesota strategies to do with their eight existing draft choices. Though, seeing the point that Minnesota retains its two picks in both the third and fourth rings, fans certainly don’t want them to jump at the occasion to protect the flairs of Lamp.

With that inattention, let’s wait for some more coming rumors surrounding the Vikings’ plans during the 2017 NFL Draft. Though these don’t essentially give a clear idea of general manager Rick Spielman’s method, however, they’ll certainly help recognize which performers Minnesota has its eyes on. Fans of the team are hoping a great season ahead as the team is trying to build the momentum again.