The Buffalo Bills played a very tough game against the Carolina Panthers in week 2, falling 9-3. Buffalo's offense was stagnant for a majority of the day, but Tyrod Taylor and the Bills offense still had a chance to get the win in the last two minutes. On pretty much the last play of the game, Buffalo had a real chance to steal a game on the road.

Last Two Minutes

The Bills hadn't moved the ball very well all day, so it didn't really feel like Tyrod could get Buffalo down the field quickly. He proved the doubters wrong, as the Bills quickly entered Carolina Panthers territory on several quick passes.

Things were going smoothly until a questionable pass interference penalty on Andre Holmes wiped out a gain that would have left the Bills just 20 yards away from the end zone.

Tyrod Taylor then had to start from about the 40, and Taylor couldn't find much room. The Bills offense was left with a 4th and 11 with just 14 seconds left in the game. Sean McDermott then had the Bills dial up this play:

Zay Jones was running free and could have easily scored a touchdown here! In spite of all the poor play from the Bills offense, Jones could have won the game. And he blamed himself afterwards.

Press Conference.

At the press conference following the game, Jones admitted that this was a catch he usually makes.

And because of that, he places the blame on himself for the loss.

It did hit him in the hands, and that usually means NFL receivers need to catch it.

Even Tyrod Taylor seemed to think that the last play of the game was Jones' fault.

But was Jones really the only one to blame?

To many, myself included, it looked like the throw was behind the wide receiver.

Tyrod Taylor

Prior to the season, there was some debate about whether or not Nathan Peterman should get the start in week 1. He looked great in the final preseason game against Detroit, and pushed the ball up the field better than Tyrod. But he earned the right to start last season, and did pick up the win against the New York Jets in week 1.

But in week 2, Tyrod looked timid. He didn't take any shots downfield, and it felt like no throws traveled further than 10 yards. That hesitance to throw the ball deep helped the Panthers bottle up the run game, as LeSean McCoy had just 9 yards rushing on 12 carries. But Taylor did manage to lead the Bills down the field at the end of the game.

And Taylor did make a pass to Zay Jones, but it was way behind him. There's no way that Taylor wasn't at least partially to blame for the failure to score a touchdown on the play. And there's also no doubt that Taylor wasn't exactly putting on an impressive performance for the rest of the game.

He'll have to improve next week if the Bills have any shot of beating the Denver Broncos in what will be a tough matchup at home.