Brandon Reilly's dream of making the opening day roster of an NFL team seems to have come to an end, for this season at least. Despite having himself a fantastic preseason, it appears the undrafted free agent has been released by the Buffalo Bills. So far, the report of Reilly being cut has come from a single tweet by a Buffalo Bills sports writer.

"I'm told the Bills have released WR Brandon Reilly. Will look to put him on the practice squad. #BillsMafia" was tweeted out early Saturday morning by Nick Wojton. The news that the former Nebraska football star might be signed to the practice squad is the silver lining, considering the wide receiver likely thought he had done all he could in order to make the squad.

Brandon Reilly has options

Thanks to that strong preseason, there are more than a few people in and around the league who believe Brandon Reilly isn't going to out of a job for long. As Wojton points out, it makes sense that the Bills would want him on their practice squad. Buffalo is a bit thin at the wide receiver position. Being able to pull a guy who just about made the team would be a big boon for the NFL team.

There is also the chance that another NFL team could come calling. There were plenty of jokes made in the past few days that the Patriots would be a perfect landing spot.

Even if they don't offer a contract, it would make sense for someone else to give him a look.

Other Nebraska football players got the axe

While it is not official confirmation, it appears Sam McKewon has managed to get at least confirmation that convinced him Reilly has indeed been released. Unfortunately, he's not the only former Nebraska football player that made it to the last few days only to see their dreams suffer a setback.

McKewon reports that Terrell Newby has been cut by the Minnesota Vikings. Sam Cotton is also going to be looking for a job as the New England Patriots decided they didn't have room on their roster.

All three of the players managed to hang on long enough that it would seem they could be offered a spot on their respective teams' practice squads. There is also the chance they will all be getting looks from other teams around the NFL.

As others have pointed out, McKewon believes of the trio, Reilly is likely the one who has the best chance of getting a new job relatively quickly. For his part, Reilly is taking the news in stride. Earlier this morning, the former Nebraska football wide receiver sent out a single tweet: