In every offseason, there are a few players who feel as though their excellent play isn't represented through how much they're getting paid. These players then demand a new contract and sometimes that tactic works and sometimes it doesn't. Some players go through a holdout, not reporting to training camp or playing in any preseason games, but eventually return for the Regular Season. This year, we had Le'Veon Bell holding out, but he made his return to the Steelers.

But, another hold out that has gone under the radar this offseason is Aaron Donald.

Donald is arguably the best defensive player in the league and he is expected to miss the Rams' week one game against the Colts. Why this story has gone underreported is bizarre, but now that the regular season is beginning, the Rams will be without their best player.

Know your worth

Aaron Donald is continuing to sit out only because he knows his worth as a player in the NFL. There is a debate that he might be not only the best defensive player in the NFL but the best player in the league. Donald hasn't missed a game in his career, showing his durability as a player in the trenches. In his first three seasons, Donald has taken the QB down 28 times, which is what he gets paid to do. He has been a Pro Bowl selection in his first three seasons and he made the All-Pro First Team twice.

Everyone knows the NFL is a business, and Aaron Donald is treating it just like that. He knows he is one of the best talents in the NFL and wants to get paid like one of the best. He is still on his rookie deal and is expected to make $1.8 million this year. He's done more than enough to prove he is worth more than that and now it's up to the Rams to give him the new deal he deserves.

Big man, big impact

The Rams have one of the best defensive lines in football with Donald in the lineup, but without him, they drop off a lot. Donald's ability to clog the run lanes and rush the passer is what makes him one of the best players in the game. His impact on the Rams is huge and they will miss him if he doesn't suit up in Week 1.

The Colts are coming in with a backup QB in Scott Tolzien and they will need to rattle him early if they want to have a chance to win.

The Rams have a history of giving players big deals, giving Tavon Austin and Robert Quinn extensions on their deals, both going above the $40 million mark. Donald has played much better than both of those players and has been more consistent so why haven't the Rams paid him yet? Are the Rams asking him to show them more proof when all the proof they need is already there? Aaron Donald's frustrating offseason is leaking into the regular season and the Rams might pay the price for not paying their star player a star salary.