When Kurt Angle signed to return to the WWE for his WWE Hall of Fame induction he admitted that he wanted to wrestle for the company again. Triple H said that Angle would need to take this one step at a time and see what resulted. After the WWE met up with Angle again, they offered him the WWE Monday Night Raw general manager position and it looks like they are now setting him up for a return to the wrestling ring again as a competitor.

The WWE plans for Angle

At the moment, Kurt Angle is working an interesting angle on WWE Monday Night Raw where someone is spreading rumors about him and he said that it could ruin him.

The angle includes Corey Graves and the idea is that this will tie into the eventual return of Stephanie McMahon to the show. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, the WWE is planning on a Kurt Angle vs. Triple H match down the line.

This could be a great move because Angle and Triple H have a long history of working together and if the WWE is worried about Kurt in the ring, there is no one better to put him up against. However, if Triple H has proven anything over the years, it is that he is not always willing to lose to older talent returning to the company. Sting had only one WrestleMania match in his entire career and he lost to Triple H.

While Kurt Angle doesn’t need a win to help his career, it would seem counterproductive to have an Olympic Gold Medal winner make his long-anticipated return to the WWE just to lose.

Other options for Kurt Angle

Of course, Kurt Angle seems to have a lot left to prove to himself and the WWE considering how he left the company last time. He ended up going to TNA Impact Wrestling and might have turned in some of the best performances of his career while in TNA. Kurt ha said that he was at his peak when he was in TNA and wishes he had never left the WWE when he did.

At his age, Angle can’t do the crazy things that he used to but the problem is that he might want to. While the fans would love that, the WWE can’t risk that due to his injury history. However, there are a number of wrestlers in the WWE now that Angle has expressed a desire to work with that can help protect him while allowing the WWE to showcase one of the best athletes in the company history.

Whether this ever happens is another story. For now, it appears the WWE is looking at Kurt Angle vs. Triple H. Anything on top of that would just be a treat for Angle and his legion of fans. At the moment, it looks like the match could happen as early as SummerSlam in August or, at the latest, WrestleMania 34.