NBA superstar Kevin Durant has teamed up with the Nike company bring forth a "cupcake-themed" sneaker. The Golden State Warriors star was labeled as a cupcake by a previous social media post which led to his former team's fans joining in on the name calling. Now Durant is using that slight against him to make some extra money with a brand new shoe. Here are the latest details on Kevin Durant and Nike's collaboration based on cupcakes.

The 'cupcake' story

Kevin Durant rocked the sports world and the NBA landscape when he left his Oklahoma City Thunder team as a free agent ahead of last season.

What made the story of his departure so dramatic wasn't necessarily his leaving, but that he chose the team that came back to defeat he, Russell Westbrook and OKC in the Western Conference Finals. Durant basically joined up with The Golden State Warriors in the pursuit of a championship.

That led to a "suggestive post" that his former teammate Russell Westbrook put on social media showing a tray of cupcakes for a holiday celebration. In the past, it was mentioned that Kendrick Perkins, who also played on the Thunder with KD and Westbrook, called soft players on the team "cupcakes." Hence the social media post was considered a jab from Westbrook towards KD.

It went even further as fans in OKC had "cupcake" t-shirts on when Durant came back to the area for a game against the Thunder with his new team.

There was even someone dressed up in a life-sized cupcake costume to help taunt the Golden State Warriors' star. "Cup-cake" chants from the crowd also rained down upon KD. While it was all in that good-natured heckling fun, Durant still came away with the last laughs. Not only did his team win that particular game, but KD went on to win his first NBA Championship just a few months ago.

New sneaker?

Fast forward to August and there's plenty of excitement for the season ahead as several teams have added more stars to help compete against KD and the Warriors. That includes the OKC Thunder who added former Indiana Pacers All-Star Paul George to their roster to help out Russell Westbrook.

Meanwhile, KD and Nike are looking to cash in some on the whole cupcake taunt.

The brand new sneaker is a Red Velvet cupcake-inspired color theme. The new sneakers are called the "RDX Red Velvet" edition.

Nike will unveil these newest Kevin Durant sneakers this coming Friday, September 1st, with a suggested price tag of $150 per pair. Eating cupcakes in celebration of getting a pair is completely optional.