The legacy of baseball families is quite strong in Major League Baseball. Joe DiMaggio played at the same time as his brother Don, and Ken Griffey Jr. played with and after his dad Ken Griffey. The baseball family legacy continues with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. who has become one of the top prospects in the Toronto Blue Jays farm system. He looks much like his dad, and he has the same skills that made his dad a borderline Hall of Famer.

Vlad Guerrero's skill set

Vlad Guerrero is one of the best home run hitters in Major League Baseball history, and he is one of the men who participated in the beginning and the end of the home run craze in baseball.

He became one of the stars for the Angels, and he was expected to hit for power every year. He did so with flair, and he was one of biggest hitters every year. He played outfield with grace, and he has a forgotten, but powerful, arm.

Coming up for the Blue Jays

Major League Baseball puts quite a lot of value on prospects who are traded and scouted every single year. Scouts are sent around the country to find people like Vlad Guerrero Jr., and they are tasked with choosing who will be the best fit for their team. The younger Vlad is a young man who will give power to the Blue Jays in the future, and he is a prospect that is beloved by many other teams. He could be traded in the future because of his immense value, or he will be called up in a heap of glory when he finally makes it to the big league club.

The expectations

Everyone who notices that Vlad Guerrero Jr. looks like his dad will want to see much of the same power that was found in his father. The younger Guerrero is still growing into his body, but he is a strong hitter who could become a big bopper once he makes his way to the big leagues. Major League Baseball needs more young players like him to market, and he is a good-looking kid who will look nice in advertisements for the game.

He could join the pantheon of Aaron Judge and his contemporaries when he is called up by the Blue Jays.

The weight that sits on the shoulders of Vlad Guerrero Jr. is heavy, but he is a boy who seems up to the task. He has been prepared for this his whole life, and he will use the swing that he was born with to join the likes of Ken Griffey Jr.

He wants to follow in the footsteps of his famous father, and he may end up hitting more home runs because of his unique upbringing. We must watch this man because he has a bat that will electrify stadiums for the Blue Jays in the very near future.