Charlottesville has been nothing short of a disaster. With what could very easily be called a revival of the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi groups, Charlottesville has been a town full of hatred, violence, and a certain call for help and sense. In a time like this, we need a leader who will bring light to the darker areas of the United States, who will help the people see sense and make it clear what is tolerated in this nation and what isn't. Unfortunately, instead of such a leader, we have Donald Trump, who can't even stick to his statements.

Trump thinks removing Confederate statue will lead to defamation of George Washington memorials

Charlottesville has been fighting to pull down statues of the Confederate leaders; leaders who are in no way people that the United States should be proud of. Just like Germany, who have made the Nazi flag and salute illegal, maybe it is time for the US to consider making proud mentions of the Confederates illegal as well. It takes courage for a nation to acknowledge their dark past, and it seems like the United States just doesn't have what it takes.

While on Monday, Donald Trump had strongly condemned the actions of the neo-Nazis and the white nationalist groups which had strongly protested against the removal of the Confederate statue of Robert E.

Lee, on Tuesday Donald would turn back on his own words, reverting to his initial reactions. Trump would defend his statement of blame being on 'both sides' and that the alt-left were 'very violent,' He said that he wondered whether removing a Confederate leader statue would lead to defamation of memorials of George Washington.

Trump returned to New York City for the first time since becoming president

After Monday's statement, Trump returned to his Trump Tower home in New York City and was not happy with the media or the way they were treating him and his actions. He would tweet angrily on Monday evening, saying that the 'fake media' would never be satisfied or happy with him.

On Tuesday Trump would have a scheduled event about infrastructure permits, and when he called for questions he was asked about the happenings in Charlottesville. It took just a few minutes for Trump to erase the positive groundwork he had set on Monday. He would defend his statement that blame is on both sides and that while the alt-right was very 'bad' the alt-left were 'violent'.

In fact, Trump's comments would receive the praise of former Ku Klux Klan leader Mr. Duke, who would say "Thank you, President Trump, for your honesty and courage to tell the truth about Charlottesville."

It is no surprise that there were protesters outside of Trump Tower Tuesday evening.