Trevor Siemian is the golden boy once again in Denver because of the work that he has put in to win the starting job. He has created a name for himself in that city, and he was able to win the job for the second year in a row. He has beaten back Paxton Lynch after a stiff competition, and he is now the man under new coach Vance Joseph. The kid who came from Northwestern has quite a lot to prove, but he could be the new face of the franchise if all goes well. Someone who believes in his skills picked him over Paxton Lynch, and that makes us wonder why Lynch is the bust and the seventh round pick is taking first-team snaps.

Lynch was the system guy

Lynch got all the best looks at Memphis, and he was a system guy who has been exposed by the NFL in major ways. We cannot say if he would fail in another town, but Denver is clearly not the place for him. It would make more sense to let him go so that the team can build around Siemian. They have clearly made their choice, and they need to see if they can ride it out.

He has a way to go

Making your seventh round quarterback the starter for a second season after competing with someone who was drafted much higher should tell you all you need to know about the Broncos. They are in a place where they must develop this quarterback and let him hide behind that amazing defense that they have.

This would be quite similar to what Baltimore did with Joe Flacco. He sat back there until he was the leader of the team and the offense started to grow.

Can they win like this?

The Broncos cannot win a Super Bowl like this, but they can win a playoff game in this state. If they have made the final decision to give the reins to Siemian, then they need to allow him to do what he does.

They must let him fashion a club around him, and they must ask him to be the face of the franchise. he has the look for it, and he seems to be leading the offense well. He could become a standout without any warning, and we would bask in all of his success. We like to root for underdogs in America, and the kid who was picked in the seventh round as an underdog indeed.

Time to trade Lynch

Trading Paxton Lynch makes the most sense at this point as someone else may want to have him around. Leaving the competition open makes things harder for everyone, and it would be difficult to have Lynch standing on the sidelines with a clipboard. The team could have Siemian teach the new Bronco way to another backup, and the team could perpetuate its culture from the inside-out.