The 2017 NFL season is right around the corner and teams are getting ready to play by making respective risky changes to their teams. As for the Raiders, one move was changing moving cornerback Sean Smith to a linebacker position. This move has many analysts wondering if the Oakland Raiders will have Smith play the role of a nickel linebacker.

In any case, the Raiders have been making successful bold moves in the last two years. Another move that has sports analysts praising the Silver And Black is new offensive coordinator Todd Downing. The new staff member is coaching with the Oakland staff for the first time in his career.

Todd Downing's Story

Coach Downing will be leading the offensive attack for the Raiders this coming season and will have his first test on Tuesday against the Arizona Cardinals in the preseason. The 37-year-old offensive coordinator has 18 years of NFL experience, which gives him solid credibility despite his young age. His work has been unorthodox and has been applying that method with the Raiders. So far, things have been looking good.

At camp, Downing has been running things smoothly. The running game has been one of the stories this year with the Raiders. Downing has things under control with DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richards who are very much incorporated in the ground game. They are doing just fine right behind new-comer and veteran Marshawn Lynch.

Sean Smith's Switch

The Raiders cornerback Sean Smith has been switched to a linebacker position and will be the first time for him at that position ever. The defensive player, who has been a good asset for the Kansas City Chiefs and was surprisingly let go earlier this year, has been predicted to do well with this new role for the Silver and Black.

At camp, it has been reported by analysts that many Raiders have been rising to their role. As for Smith, his story has been a big one so far, and it has been reported as a positive move by the Oakland team. It is predicted that Smith will most likely play a nickel linebacker position.

Again, this move has been reported to be a good one for the Raiders.

At camp, Smith's new role has been running smooth and will be tested against the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday. This will be the first 2017 preseason game for the Oakland Raiders, while the Arizona Cardinals will be playing their second. The Cards had played and lost to the Dallas Cowboys for the Hall of Fame game last Thursday.

As for the Raiders, new offensive coordinator Todd Downing, and defensive player Sean Smith, the game against the Cards will be quite a test. New moves have been made with new people at new spots. The Raiders have made bold moves in the past couple of years and have been pretty successful at many of them.