Rory Mcilroy has an interesting request for the end of the common golf season. He is looking for an extended break for all golfers. He has said that he will take a long break on his own, but he wants the golf world to stop for a few months in the winter. The problem with this is global. Golf is a worldwide game, and it is played in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. There are a number of golfers who must play through the winter for a variety of reasons, and it is his choice whether or not to take a break.

He has bad ribs

McIlroy has been dealing with a rib injury for some time, and it is important to remember that this injury has hampered him in his recent efforts.

He is certainly welcome to consider his health when he takes a break, and he will likely benefit from taking a break. Getting off the tour for a bit will be good for his body in the long term, but he cannot decide when the golf world stops. Nobody can do that.

Players need these tournaments

Tournaments that occur outside the regular golf season help players earn their tour cards, gain experience, and make money. McIlroy is rich enough to stop for a long period of time, but other players are hoping to make money on every stop they make. The players who miss out on the winter schedule will not make enough to survive in some cases, and others will not get their tour cards because they did not play enough.

The golf world is far more expansive than we like to believe.

Playing in all seasons

There are many countries that host tournaments in the Southern Hemisphere, and they have golfers who live in those countries when they are not playing in America or Europe. These players go home to summertime in their homelands, and they have many opportunities to play.

The golf season cannot stop because the weather is nice below the equator at this time of year, and the players who are hoping to make more money should be allowed to continue playing.

The Tiger Woods example

Tiger Woods took off from many tournaments over his career to better position himself for those that were most important.

He did not play in several tournaments every season because it conflicted with his preparation for the majors, and it is important to note that other golfers do the same. Phil Michelson has skipped many events for family functions, and he simply plays on as if nothing happened. We cannot call for an end to the golf season because some players are tired or hurt. In golf, the show must go on.