Ric Flair has been placed in a medically-Induced Coma for a medical condition that has not yet been released. He is fighting for his life after a panicked tweet was sent by his agency. We should keep Ric in our prayers, and we should look at why The Nature Boy Ric Flair is an American treasure.

The Nature Boy

Flair has been wrestling since the 1970s when he created the Nature Boy persona, and he became a part of the IV Horsemen who rolled through wrestling circles in the earliest days of mass sports entertainment. The Nature Boy is much like its charismatic creator, and Flair still has the winning smile that reminded all his fans how much he enjoyed what he was doing.

He was committing much of his energy to giving the fans what they wanted, and that energy created a voice that we will not forget.


Ric Flair is known for yelling "whoo" during his matches when he felt energized, and the call became a bit of a rallying cry for all the people who loved him. He won many dozens of world championships in wrestling federations, and those world championships were often fueled by comebacks that featured his signature cry. Ric Flair used his charisma to create a fan base that wanted to see him come back from the jaws of defeat. Someone who loved wrestling in that age remembers this cry, and it is repeated on sports radio often as hosts reminisce. This is a unique memory of Ric that has lasted long after his career, and it is a rare athlete who has such a personality.

Thoughts and prayers are requested

There is too little information coming out at this time to judge what is happening to the Nature Boy, and someone who is interested in sending their thoughts and prayers may check the Legacy Entertainment Twitter feed. They are releasing information on his condition as they see fit, and they are asking for more thoughts and prayers for their friend Ric Flair.

Motivational speaking

Ric has been on the motivational speaking circuit since his retirement from full-time wrestling, and he makes appearances here and there for the WWE. The WWE was the last federation to have Ric among their ranks, and they took him away from the WCW as that federation fell apart. They were able to market a strong person with many dozens of world championships, and their audience fell in love with Ric's message of working hard to achieve your dreams in life. A boy who started with such humble means in the smallest wrestling venues imaginable became an American icon whose battle cry is repeated every day.