There may not be a more polarizing figure in the history of Wrestling, aside from Hulk Hogan, than the Nature Boy Ric Flair!

ESPN is promoting the 30 for 30 documentary on Ric Flair. 411 Mania asked Ric Flair, what should fans expect to find out about you after the 30 for 30 documentary?

“I think they are going to see a whole different side of wrestling. They’ll see the commitment I made to wrestling and some of the mistakes I made for my family. I used to wrestle 365 days a year, twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday. I don’t think people know that- for twenty years.

I think I’ll be a folk hero with men but all women will despise me.”

Appearing on the Toucher and Rich morning show on 98.5 the SportsHub in Boston, Ric Flair had a chance to talk about some of his past experiences as a professional wrestler.

Andre The Giant

Flair spoke about legendary wrestler, Andre the Giant, who he claims he broke into professional wrestling with. Flair mentioned an experience, that has become somewhat of a folklore. Flair said he saw Andrew the Giant drink 106 beers at a hotel bar, in 1974. Even more fascinating, Andre the Giant gulped 106 of them in only five to six hours of time. If you are doing the math, that breaks down to about 17 beers per hour.

Life on the road can be crazy for rock-stars and professional wrestlers, as you may hear, the two-morning show hosts asked Flair about his experiences with women as a polarizing figure in professional wrestling.

Surprisingly, Flair was tamed about what he would reveal, but he did remark that he cared more about the party experience and not about taking a woman home.

Getting a sneak peek example of what we should expect from 30 for 30 on Ric Flair, Flair claimed to have had as many as 200 women in his suite at the Baltimore Marriott.

Flair Loved The Female Wrestling Fans

Flair said the female wrestling fans were beautiful back in the “old days.” He also mentioned that being a professional wrestler in those days was like being the “Beatles” with female wrestling fans.

So with his persona, and his reputation being a polarizing figure, how did Flair manage to escape being a headline more often?

Flair said thanks to social media, he had to be on his best behavior because it is so easy to be captured in a scandal by anyone at anytime. Flair jokingly said, if he did half of the things he used to in the past, he would have been locked up in San Quentin.

Fans will have to wait until November 7, to watch 30 for 30's documentary about Ric Flair, in what promises to be entertaining and revealing about a day in the life of a professional wrestler---especially with Ric Flair's behemoth personality.

Flair has been professionally wrestling for 40 years and in that time, he has won 16 World Heavyweight titles with the NWA (8) WCW (6) and WWF (2), which is now called WWE.