Throughout most of the summer, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been dealing with major drama. First, they fired their general manager David Griffin, then they did not make any major additions to the roster, and finally, the Kyrie Irving trade rumors surfaced.

Cleveland has undoubtedly been in turmoil the last few weeks, as it continues to search for a new home for Irving. However, they may finally catch a break soon once Dwyane Wade is bought out by the Chicago Bulls.

A new superstar headed to Cleveland?

Once Wade is bought out, there is extreme confidence from those close to LeBron James that the three-time champion will reunite with ‘The King’ in Cleveland.

Wade’s buyout from the Bulls is expected to happen in the coming months, according to multiple sources.

Although his next destination hasn’t been confirmed, the Cavaliers and Miami Heat have been considered frontrunners. Miami was Wade’s home for 13 long years, but the possibility of joining his former teammate and best friend, James, has always been intriguing.

In a recent report by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, he believes that Wade would join the Cavaliers for at least one season before going back to Miami to end his career. The belief is that Wade would like to make one final run at a championship alongside James before going back to the team that drafted him where he won three titles.

In other related news, sources have confirmed that Wade’s kids are indeed back at school in South Florida and no longer in Chicago.

This may be another key indicator that Miami is on Wade’s preferred list of future destinations.

When will the Bulls buy him out?

As mentioned above, Wade will get bought out in the coming months, but there is no exact timeline. However, it’s been reported that Wade’s buyout is most likely to happen closer to the NBA deadline, which is around the time when most teams make major movements.

It’s not going to be easy to reach a buyout agreement with Wade this early in the season since he is owed $23.8 million for the year, which is why the Bulls may wait until late January or early February. Wade was actually the one who chose to stay with Chicago by opting into his contract, essentially choosing money over winning.

He clearly knows that Chicago is in a rebuilding mode after trading Jimmy Butler but wanted to earn what might be his final enormous paycheck.

Even though people close to LeBron are fairly confident that Wade will join the Cavs, the Heat will nonetheless remain another serious suitor for the 35-year-old.