Delanie Walker quietly has the potential to be a great fantasy tight end this season. His name doesn't usually come up with the likes of the Rob Gronkowskis and Tyler Eiferts of the world. But the Tennessee Titans tight end has looked good during training camp, despite recently turning 33 years old. He also has a strong track record suggesting that he has at least one more year of strong Fantasy Football play left in him.

Walker's fantasy potential

Walker has been a fantasy stud over the past four years. According to ESPN's scoring system, the tight end has finished as one of the top-11 fantasy football players at his position in each of those years, an impressive accomplishment considering that most leagues only consist of ten teams.

In the past two years, he has bested that, finishing in the top five at the tight end position, though injuries to other elite options may have something to do with that.

ESPN is expecting more of the same this season. They project him to again be a TE1 this season. According to their projection system, only seven tight ends should be better than Walker in fantasy football this season: Greg Olsen, Gronkowski, Travis Kelce, Jordan Reed (currently injured), Kyle Rudolph, Jimmy Graham, and Zach Ertz. Another year of development from quarterback Marcus Mariota and improved offensive line play should do Walker wonders.

Potential problems with Walker

As mentioned, Walker has been remarkably consistent, but he's also another year older.

At a certain point, a person isn't meant to play football anymore. The tight end has given zero indication that he's at that point yet, but it can happen rather suddenly for skill position players. Any sustained decline should elicit some sense of fear and panic in fantasy owners.

The other problem may be an embarrassment of riches for the Titans.

They made several moves to improve their offense during the offseason. They drafted Corey Davis with the fifth overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. They also signed established veteran Eric Decker off the scrap heap when the New York Jets showed him the door. Both of those players are meant to ease the burden on Mariota and help the Titans become a playoff team in the AFC South this season. But they could also wind up easing the workload placed on Walker, leading to a diminished fantasy football value if he sees less targets and less scoring opportunities during the season.