In a surprising twist, the Miami Dolphins signed Jay Cutler to a one-year deal worth $10 million. This means that his TV broadcasting career will momentarily be on pause as he fills the void of an injured Ryan Tannehill. The deal comes as a bit of a surprise considering that previous reports claimed Cutler was reluctant to take the field once more. The 34-year-old initially termed his post-career decision as a permanent retirement though coach Adam Gase may have talked him out of it. The move may have also shed more light on the severity of Tannehill’s injury.

The regular starter for Gase has yet to decide on surgery for his injured knee but this development may push him to go under the knife.

A gamble for Gase

Cutler coming to Miami reunites him with Gase. Both worked together in 2015 with Gase serving as an offensive coordinator for the Bears. It could also spell good things for the Dolphins seeing as how the 39-year-old made it all work in Chicago. While that instance could be something to look forward to, there is no guarantee that it will be smooth sailing for the Dolphins. Cutler played only five games last season with the Bears where he had only a 59.1 percent passing rate, four touchdowns, and five interceptions. Cutler is a veteran but fitting in with a team loaded with talent may need some time to blend.

A key department that Gase may want to work on is the 34-year-old's turnovers.

So much for Kaepernick

When initial reports came out that Cutler was staying on with his post-career in broadcasting, the name of Colin Kaepernick loomed as the next option. The 29-year-old was last linked to a possible spot with the Baltimore Ravens but nothing really went down.

The Dolphins were a possibility though there was still that celebrated blackballing on the Milwaukee native. With Cutler now officially joining, Kaepernick will have to wait once more to see if any team will give him a chance to suit up this 2017 NFL season.

NFL players and celebrities have come to the defense of Kaepernick, believing he got the raw end of his protests.

That included seeing him kneel during the national anthem last season, his way of standing up against social injustice. Right now, the options are dwindling for Kaepernick as he remains the only high-profile quarterback name on the unemployed list. Hope still floats for the former San Francisco 49er as teams continue to evaluate their lineups for the 2017 NFL season.

Several players and teams believe he could still be of use if given the chance. Kaepernick has been struggling due to injuries though he did get to start for the 49ers last season. During that stretch, most noticed how he was still struggling. Right now, the only chance he may get to improve is if he gets proper guidance and an opportunity to play on the field.