The Jacksonville Jaguars have continued to struggle with finding a starting quarterback. Blake Bortles has been given numerous opportunities to prove that he is worthy of the job. However, time and time again he's come up short and has failed to impress the coaching staff of the Jags. Now, according to ESPN, veteran backup Chad Henne has been given the nod to start in the team's third preseason game against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

Bortles over the last few seasons has finished near the bottom in all statistical categories for QBs. He had a pretty good preseason debut, but it apparently was not good enough to convince the head coach Doug Marrone to give him the starting spot.

At this point, it doesn't seem like he has confidence in any of his QBs on the roster. That reality has many people believing the Jaguars will be looking in a different direction by the start of the regular season.

Possibility of team signing Colin Kaepernick

If there ever was a team that desperately needed a quarterback it would be the Jacksonville Jaguars. The team has not had a winning season in years and their inability to find a solid quarterback has been the biggest reason why. Colin Kaepernick has been waiting for an offer from any of the 32 NFL teams but has only sparked interest as of late from the Baltimore Ravens and the Miami Dolphins.

However, both teams do already have starting QBs and would have been signing Kap as a temporary backup.

The Jags are in a much more desperate situation. If the there was one QB on the market that could take a struggling team like Jacksonville and completely turn the franchise around with the right pieces. His ability to use his feet and the lack of weapons the team has to offer will allow him to do more with the football than just pass.

That is how he made a name for himself during the years that he dominated as the starter for the San Francisco 49ers. The Jags need someone with his kind of energy who is also hungry to prove he is still worthy of a job in the league.

He would embrace the job more than any other quarterback would because he knows he could be his only shot after basically being "blackballed" for his protest against the National Anthem.

However, yesterday, there was a rally held outside of the NFL headquarters in an attempt to demand that the former Niners quarterback be signed by the start of the season. Jacksonville may just be the place that he eventually lands.

Why Kaepernick will fit

Kap has led a team to one Super Bowl during his career. The other QBs on the Jags roster haven't even gotten close to making it to the postseason. The experience of Colin could give Jacksonville someone to build their future around. His credentials proves why he would be an immediate fit for a roster that could use his talent.