The Nebraska football team is ramping their recruiting back up after getting a win earlier this week. On Thursday night, several position coaches took to Twitter in order to let the world know they were interested in certain players, without specifically saying those players' names. Cavanaugh was especially bust on Thursday afternoon has he alluded to not one, not two, not three but four different targets.

It's not clear whether this is the Nebraska football team going back to the drawing board on recruiting the offensive line, or whether the coaches have simply decided they want to cast a line and see how many players they can reel in before setting a limit on who will be joining the 2018 class.

Nebraska football going after Nicholas Petit-Frere

The "mighty Buccaneer" that Cavanaugh appears to be talking about here is Nicholas Petit-Frere. The offensive lineman is a four-star player according to 247 Sports. Petit-Frere hails from Tampa Florida and is currently considered a pretty solid Florida Gators lean. The offensive tackle is considered the sixth best player in the country at his position. It appears this get would be a long shot for the Nebraska Football Team.

Richard Gouraige coming to Lincoln?

Bridging the pipeline in this case would apparently be yet another Tampa native, Richard Gouraige.

Not only is he from the same place as Petit-Frere but he's an even heavier lean towards the Gators. It's possible Cavanaugh is hoping Florida won't get both of these guys and that the Huskers could swoop in and grab whichever one decides they don't want to head to Florida

Nebraska football stretching on Cade Beresford?

It's almost a certainty that the player Cavanaugh is talking about here is Cade Beresford, a two-star offensive tackle from Woodinville, Washington.

This player is coming up in the ranks when it comes to schools taking notice, despite sporting just those two stars. It's possible reaching out to Beresford is a kind of backup plan if the Huskers can't haul in more four-star players.

Huskers trying to steal Will Craig

When it comes to who Cavanaugh is talking about here, it appears to be Will Craig from Granite Bay, California.

Craig would be the real steal of the quartet as he is a commit to California and has been committed to the Golden Bears for quite some time. Yet another four-star tackle, this California boy is ranked as the 19th best tackle in the country and 33rd best player in California. Craig would be a huge get for the Nebraska football.