Ahead of each professional sports season, the odds makers in Las Vegas release their "over/under" numbers for how many games a team is going to win. Bettors are able to place wagers on whether a team will get more or less wins for the season than the number given. Just recently, these numbers were released by the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook for all of the NBA teams ahead of their Regular Season. It should surprise no one that the team being pegged with the highest number is the Golden State Warriors, as they will be the defending champions, and once again a very tough team to take down.

However, fans may be interested to see some of the other teams' projected win totals based on the new personnel they've acquired.

Eastern Conference teams

It seems like the Eastern Conference will be a two-team race for at least this coming season. Although the two teams have yet to finalize their big trade, the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers are the two teams being given the highest numbers. The Boston Celtics lead all East teams with 56.5 wins, followed by the Cleveland Cavaliers at 53.5 wins. Should the trade between the two teams get vetoed, it could change things up slightly.

Following the Cavaliers in the East are the Toronto Raptors with 48.5 as their number of wins to eclipse.

The Washington Wizards and Milwaukee Bucks each have 47.5 as their number, while the Miami Heat have moved up with 43.5 wins.

However, the team with the biggest boost since last season is the Philadelphia 76ers. They've got a number of 42.5 wins for their over/under, which is tied with the Charlotte Hornets. Both teams could be among the eight that make it into the NBA Playoffs for the East this season.

Western Conference teams

As mentioned, bettors can decide if the Golden State Warriors will get more wins than 67.5 this season, or less. The team with the next-highest number after the Warriors is the Houston Rockets. The team added former Clippers All-Star Chris Paul to their squad for this season and have been given a number of 55.5.

The San Antonio Spurs didn't make a ton of noise during the offseason with the exception of signing free agent Rudy Gay and re-signing veteran Manu Ginobili. They have an over/under of 54.5 wins for the upcoming season.

Paul George is now a part of the Oklahoma City Thunder with Russell Westbrook. OKC has an over/under total of 51.5 wins for the season now that they have a new dynamic duo on the roster.

Next up are the Minnesota Timberwolves at 48.5 wins for the season. The team added former Chicago Bulls All-Star Jimmy Butler as well as guard Jeff Teague to a squad that already features young stars Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony Towns.

For those wondering if Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers will be winning more than 50 percent of their games this season, Vegas oddsmakers don't seem to think so. Their current over/under for wins is 33.5. Then again Lonzo's dad LaVar has already indicated that his son will take the Lakers to the postseason, so place those bets now.