On Friday, it was reported that the Minnesota Timberwolves had traded away their point guard Ricky Rubio, to the Utah Jazz. As of the start of NBA free agency on Saturday, it appears they've quickly signed a replacement. Jeff Teague has agreed to a deal with the team, making him their new starting point guard. Teague will join a team that features multiple stars, including the recently acquired Jimmy Butler. Here's the latest on the Teague deal and how it could help the Timberwolves.

What's the deal?

With NBA free agency arriving after midnight Saturday, the Timberwolves were able to strike up a deal with the guard they wanted.

Per ESPN, Jeff Teague, formerly of the Indiana Pacers, has agreed to a three-year deal worth $57 million. The deal also includes a third-year player option.

It was said that after Minnesota traded away Ricky Rubio to the Utah Jazz for a 2018 first-round draft pick (via the Thunder), it allowed the Timberwolves to become "more aggressive" in their pursuit of free agents. It appears Teague was their desired player and they quickly were able to sign him thanks to the freed up salary cap space from the Rubio trade.

How it helps Minnesota

Teague, a one-time NBA All-Star while with the Atlanta Hawks, averaged 15.3 points and 7.8 assists last season while playing with the Indiana Pacers.

The team qualified for the NBA Playoffs but ended up being swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round.

A No. 19 pick by Atlanta in 2009, he has now spent eight years in the league with his assists and rebounding averages this past season his career bests. Teague played for the Hawks for his first seven seasons before being traded to his hometown team the Indiana Pacers.

However, it now looks like Indiana is among the teams that have scrapped their roster in favor of a rebuild, with the recent Paul George trade and now Jeff Teague free agency moves adding to that.

The 6-foot-2 guard was listed on ESPN at No. 10 on a list of top free agents available this season. By adding him to the roster, Minnesota adds another quality star to a lineup that recently acquired All-Star Jimmy Butler.

It also gives Minnesota a new point guard to replace Rubio who may be a better fit for the system they'll employ.

The roster already has rising stars Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns as well. It would appear that the ceiling is high for this Minnesota team with a combination of experienced vets and younger talents. The Timberwolves were considered a few seasons away from making the playoffs last season, but now it seems that the expectation is they should qualify in the 2017-18 NBA season.

As of this report, Vegas Insider lists the Minnesota Timberwolves as 40 to 1 on the future odds to win the NBA Championship next year, which ranks them at sixth overall behind teams including the Rockets, Spurs, Cavs, and reigning NBA Champion Warriors.