Los Angeles, which last facilitated the Olympics in 1984, had initially tried to hold the 2024 Games. Following quite some transactions with the International Olympic Committee, Los Angeles authorities have accepted an arrangement to have the 2028 Olympics Games. They have agreed on a hope that they can produce many millions through savings and extra incomes.

On Monday afternoon, The International Olympic Committee announced that Los Angeles has consented to have the 2028 Summer Olympics. In an announcement discharged by LA 2024, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said, "They would take a step forward into taking the Games to their city again.

And it would be a fresh approach in Los Angeles' ageless Olympic story."

Los Angeles has organized the Olympics twice earlier in 1932 and 1984.

Negotiations between Los Angeles and Paris

The IOC needed LA and Paris to attain an understanding before the September session. If they still had not agreed, then they would have held a voting process to choose the 2024 host. The vote was proposed to be held at the 131st IOC session in Lima, Peru. That session will now rather observe the final endorsement of the two locations.

Paris has wanted to host first as after 2024, the site it has reserved for the Olympic Game, won't be accessible for redevelopment.

Los Angeles had contended that it could have the Olympics at minimal cost since it has all the fundamental framework set up while Paris would need to manufacture a few costly structures.

The IOC embraced Los Angeles' approval, swearing to contribute to the organizing committee with the amount of $1.8bn (£1.4bn). The waiting time of additional four years will be workable for LA. Even though that California's venues are completely prepared for utilization, it will give the city more opportunity to finish its officially planned transport foundation enhancement.

The funds will also help youth sports programs paving the way to the Games. Thomas Bach, IOC president, respected LA's choice. He depicted the offer as solid and ardent.

Win-Win Situation

Many cities retreated from potential Olympic bidding. Boston, Hamburg, Rome, and Budapest all pulled back earlier. They were frightful of the expenses related to organizing the Games and an absence of public assistance.

So, the IOC chose to storm the pattern by honoring the 2024 and 2028 Olympics altogether.

Though there were only two bidders, both were undoubtedly solid applicants. Hence, the IOC will endeavor to depict itself as a champ. Giving Paris and Los Angeles the games of 2024 and 2028 games respectively could bring some required strength and great advertising to an Olympic development that has been in danger lately.

The challenge was for 2024 and the French capital has got what it needed. Thus, Paris is the genuine winner. It will stamp the centennial of the last time it facilitated the Summer Olympics.

On the other hand, LA too will depict this as a triumph. As they've taken the Olympics back to the USA after a long time since 2002.