The next Summer Olympic Games will be held this coming 2020 in Tokyo. Still, the business of choosing a worthy city to host this spectacularly grand – and expensive – sporting event goes for years and years beyond the next. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been working to the utmost to line up a list of suitable candidate cities as venues for future games.

One of the more weighty names for consideration is Los Angeles, which has two Summer Olympics under its belt already. Its organizing committee has campaigned for a chance to go at it for a third time in years, with 2024 being their best bet.

The OIC, however, has decided that they would do for 2028 instead.

Two cities for hosts

In an agreement made with committees from Los Angeles, Paris, and the International Olympic Committee, it was decided to award the 2024 Summer Olympics to Paris, with LA getting the Games for 2028. An ad hoc meeting of the city’s planning council has been called for Friday, August 4. There according to spokesperson Caolinn Mejza, Los Angeles will debate the final acceptance of this arrangement. The IOC has promised LA an added $1.8 billion to their venue budget should they agree.

Early July saw the IOC take the bold decision of awarding two cities at once to host two consecutive Summer Olympics. Most other candidates have withdrawn from contention owing to budget concerns; the quick disuse and decay of the 2016 facilities in Rio were fresh on every group’s mind.

Finally, Los Angeles and Paris were singled out for the honors, but the IOC would next have to determine which city will host the Games in which year. LA had been adamant in their 2024 campaign and was reported to be planning to contest them being slotted for 2028 instead. No voice of protest, however, has been raised.

A moment to be proud of

Already the expected quarters have begun to laud Los Angeles for their charming third instance as host for the Summer Olympics. Its Mayor Eric Garcetti was proud to have their city take a step in bringing back one of the largest athletic events in the world “for the first time in a generation.”

President Donald Trump also offered his congratulations on the evening of Monday, July 31.

He expresses confidence in the Los Angeles Games; still, 11 years off, will “exemplify both the Olympic ideal and the American spirit.”

In Olympic Games record, three US cities including LA have been host to the Summer Games, with it being the only repeater. The last Summer Olympics in the country was in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996. This decision of the IOC will be made final by September.