A day after Blake Griffin made news for making comments about LeBron James' destination in 2018 free agency, James had nothing to say. In a video by TMZ, James was asked to clarify the comments made by Griffin. On the Sklar Brother's podcast, "View from the Cheap Seats," Griffin said that he does not believe LeBron James will come to LA at all, not even to the Lakers. He said that he sees New York as a more likely destination. James told TMZ that he "had no idea what they were talking about."

James is smart to stay quiet

James has been in the league for a long time.

He has been praised, criticized, loved, and crucified in his time in the league. He likely caught wind of what Griffin said. However, James is never going to go public about another player's comments about where he is going to play. James is recorded for just about everything in his life. He has nothing to gain by defending himself about Griffin's claims.

Most know that James is unlikely to play in New York based on the Knicks' situation. All signs point to either the Los Angeles Lakers or the Houston Rockets. James knows that he can keep people in the dark by just staying quiet.

The Lakers want to make a run at James and Paul George, but James would likely prefer to play with his former Olympic teammates.

Now, the Lakers might have to face tampering charges with George. If the Lakers get convicted, then they could face the chance of not being able to sign George at all. If James went to Houston -- a team consisting of four to five future hall of famers -- they would walk all over teams despite being in their thirties. It would make for great entertainment when the Rockets play the Warriors.

Moving forward

This will be over very soon. Rumors about the future of James come and go. James has been linked to the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, and Minnesota Timberwolves. All of those teams are unlikely, but rumors seem to come out of nowhere. The rumor of the Knicks is going to die at some point as well.

James has enough on his plate as it is.

The Cavaliers have been in a state of flux since the NBA Finals. The team parted with David Griffin, and recently hired another general manager. Kyrie Irving has been in the news because he requested a trade out of Cleveland because he is tired of playing in James' shadow. When it comes to problems on his plate, James is not likely thinking about where Griffin thinks he is going to play in 2018-2019. He is more worried about taking one more shot at winning a title in Cleveland before he likely bolts.