Blake Griffin is the face of the franchise of the Los Angeles Clippers now that Chris Paul is gone. On the Sklar Brother's podcast, "View from the Cheap Seats," Griffin said that he does not believe LeBron James will come to LA at all, not even to the Lakers. He said that he sees New York as a more likely destination. However, Griffin's claims have many holes.

New York is looking to rebuild and move Carmelo Anthony

James is only going to leave Cleveland to go play for a contender. New York is looking to move Anthony to the Houston Rockets per many reports.

If Anthony is going to be moved, then why would James play in the big apple with none of his friends? The Knicks are not going to be able to afford Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade either now that they have locked up money to Tim Hardaway Jr. this offseason.

Plus, that would mean Kristaps Porzingis would have to be moved. After the countless rumors, it is unlikely that the team is going to move their young, cornerstone piece. The Knicks are more likely to acquire Kyrie Irving, even though that is starting to look doubtful as well. As much as Knicks fans would love to have James, it is very unlikely.

Something is brewing indeed

Griffin made the comments that "something is brewing with his guys." Griffin was referring to the banana boat crew of Paul, Wade, Anthony, and James.

The four are not only future hall of famers, but are all close friends. Paul has not committed to the Rockets after this season, but things could change if the Rockets reel in Anthony. Wade is set to secure a buyout with the Chicago Bulls within a few months and could take less money to join the duo and James Harden.

That would leave James this offseason.

James has taken less money to form a superteam once before. In 2010, James took less money to join Chris Bosh, and Wade in Miami to play for the Heat. The team made the NBA Finals four straight years and won two championships. Paul, James, and likely Wade would be free agents in 2018. Anthony will have one year left on his deal worth more than $30 million.

If something is truly being constructed, the Rockets make perfect sense if all the pieces take the right pay cuts. The Lakers want to make a run at James and Paul George, but James would likely prefer to play with his good friends than go to LA. Griffin may be onto something when he says that James may not come to LA at all. Fans might want him to go to LA though because a team that featured Paul, Harden, Wade, Anthony, and James would walk all over teams.