Manny Pacquiao has exercised his rematch clause against Jeff Horn as expected, though another monkey wrench has been thrown. Apparently, Horn’s trainer Glen Rushton was not too comfortable with the drug-testing protocols the last time around. For the rematch, he plans to request random drug testing to make sure the sequel will be a clean fight, according to

The request for random drug testing is not entirely new for Pacquiao. The Filipino boxing icon had to agree to it when he faced Floyd Mayweather Jr. While most would see it as a page taken out of the undefeated American boxer’s playbook, Rushton explains that it is simply ensuring a level playing field to ensure both boxers are clean.

Is Rushton implying anything?

The sudden request for random drug testing comes as a bit of a surprise, though Rushton is merely trying to erase the stigma of either boxer making excuses. By eliminating worries of unfair advantage, whoever wins in the rematch will do so without the controversies tied up to banned drug substances such as PEDs.

As of this writing, the Pacquiao camp has not given its reaction to the sudden request. It could be an obstacle moving forward since the Filipino boxer had his reasons for objecting before with Mayweather.

The random drug testing would technically be a request, meaning it may or may not factor in. However, Pacquiao could find himself garnering further criticism should he and his camp object to Rushton’s request.

Pacquiao has no record of failing drug tests or using PEDs. The only thing that may stand out is the fact that the eight-time division is simply exercising his right on a rematch. Drug testing was not specified so it may be a curious angle or insinuation in the eyes of fans.

Pacquiao agrees to test and settles things in ring

If Pacquiao and company have nothing to hide, they may as well give in to the request and set the rematch. Rather than the illegal use of drugs, most are eager to see if Pacquiao can redeem himself from that shock loss to Horn.

Talks are currently underway though holding it in Australia once more seems a bit odd in the eyes of boxing fans.

Some believe the rematch should be held in the Philippines if the issue of leveled playing field stands up.

For now, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum says Horn vs Pacquiao 2 will happen in Brisbane once more. With Rushton’s request for drug testing, there is a chance that the Pacquiao camp may seek a request of its own – holding the fight in the Philippines if all parties want to “level the playing field.”