NBA news about DeMarcus Cousins pitch to Carmelo Anthony is gathering some interest in the news today. Cousins has been calling out Anthony and luring him to come over and join the New Orleans Pelicans. Will Boogie be able to convince Melo to become the new member of the Pels and build a super team in The Big Easy?

Since the NBA offseason began, numerous trade rumors have already surrounded Carmelo Anthony. Aside from a disappointing performance of the New York Knicks last season, Anthony's strange relationship with former Knicks president Phil Jackson is some of the reasons that he wants out of the team.

With that, many are convinced that it is only a matter of time that Melo will be joining a new team next season.

Melo wants Rockets, Cavs

It is not surprising that several teams have shown their intention to get the services of the 33-year old veteran small forward. And why not, Carmelo Anthony has been voted as an NBA All-Star ten times with career averages of 24.8 points, 6.6 rebounds and 3.1 assists, playing in the league for 14 years. His vast experience and on-court leadership are what makes him an asset for any team.

However, Melo earlier mentioned two teams, the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers as his preferred destinations and willing to waive his no-trade clause for them. But, the trade deal with Houston got stalled after the Knicks and Rockets can't reach an agreement.

On the other hand, it looks like that Anthony also lost his interest in joining the Cavs anymore. With that, one NBA superstar appears to be taking advantage of the opportunity to lure Melo to their camp.

Cousins convincing Anthony to join Pelicans

Last month, New York Post reported that as the Knicks and Rockets are moving closer to trade deal involving Anthony, the Pelicans seem wants to be in the mix of teams chasing Melo.

And with the Knicks and Rockets trade transaction appears to halt up to this time, DeMarcus Cousins is actively recruiting Carmelo to be part of the Pelicans team.

Both Anthony and Cousins are teammates in the US Basketball Team who just recently won the gold medal in the Rio Olympics. Many believed that both players have built a special bond during their stint in the US basketball program.

According to Bleacher Report, DeMarcus Cousins did not hide his happiness and even like an Instagram post linking Carmelo Anthony to the Pelicans.

If ever Carmelo Anthony changes his mind over the Rockets trade and decides to join the Pelicans, it won't be surprising that DeMarcus Cousins has a say on it.