The New York Giants have suffered a setback in their upcoming promising season. It has been confirmed by many media outlets that second-year wide-receiver Sterling Shepard has injured his leg at practice today.

This is a big challenge for the receiver and team as they were going to ravage defenses with their new trio of wide-receivers. The NFL season is shaping up to be very competitive as many teams stand as contenders to win it all. If the injury is serious, then other players will have to step up big next season and Shepard will have to work diligently to get back onto the field.

The incident

An article by by writer Pat Leonard lists that Sterling Shepard got injured doing one-on-one drills with other players during Giants practice. The slot-receiver had to be carted off as he was in a huge amount of pain. This does not look good for the player or organization as it is a loss to the great Giants receiver core.

The article states that the NFL Network has said "that doctors were examining his left ankle. He looked to be in tears on the field." So there is hope that it is not a big injury that will cause him to miss the rest of the season, although it could be a broken ankle or highly sprained one. As long as it is not a torn meniscus or a torn ACL as these injuries are much more difficult to heal and come back from.

Either way, time will tell what kind of injury it is exactly.

Brandon Marshall, others to step up

The signing of Brandon Marshall looks pretty good right now if Shepard will miss a big chunk of the season or part of it due to the injury. The team focused on improving the team's offense, which struggled heavily last season. They made the playoffs last year but lost to the Packers in disappointing fashion.

The team will be hoping for a better result next year with their acquired offensive weapons.

The Giants still have superstar receiver and fan favorite Odell Beckham Jr. who could have another incredible season combined with newly signed lengthy receiver Brandon Marshall.

The Giants could replace Shepard with Dwayne Harris or another slot receiver for the time being if the injury is serious.

Although, the Giants still have OBJ and Brandon Marshall to carry the load.

Jason Pierre-Paul sits out

Meanwhile, Giants defensive captain and superstar defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul sat out at practice and he did not participate in drills. He was said at practice to be "stretching with teammates and jogging." The veteran could sit out the next couple of days for rest.

'Big Blue' fans will be hoping that Paul is back to his old self after getting surgery to correct a hernia last season. Pierre-Paul is a big part of the Giants defense and he is an amazing player. Paul is a troublemaker for QB's with his relentless pursuit and batting down balls before they can reach the anticipated target.