The New York giants are gearing up for another season, which will most likely be great again. A lot of stars are returning to the field and the team as added more offensive weapons during the offseason. They finished last season 11 and 5. The team did not make the playoffs for lots of years until last year, but it was an early exit. The biggest problem with the Giants was the offense and the line which was not great or strong.

Giants new additions

The Giants acquired offensive weapon Brandon Marshall from the New York Jets. He is a player who has not made it to the playoffs in his entire career and now he is in a good position to make the postseason and play under a great QB, one he has never played for before.

Marshall now replaces Victor Cruz who struggled in his first year back from injuries. The veteran Cruz inked a deal with the Chicago Bears. New York Giants fans will miss the veteran who did a lot for the organization who was a direct contributor to the team leading to a super bowl ring.

The team also drafted high skill tight end Evan Engram from Ole Miss. He has been said to be a versatile player who can do it all on the field listed at 6'3, 234 pounds and with speed. This player could be a true weapon in the middle of the field for the Giants. The team has not had a great player in this position in years past as players have had been plagued with injuries.

The team has also signed Rhett Ellison from the Minnesota Vikings to a 4-year deal.

Ellison is also a threat and he is a solid player as a tight end. He is a great blocker, which is what the Giants need because of the weak offensive line.

It can be argued that this is one of the best Wide Receiver trios in the NFL: the big three of Marshall, OBJ, and2nd-yearr player Sterling Shepard.

Eli Manning comments on the Offense

Giant's star Eli Manning commented on the offense to reporters in an article by 247sports by Dan Schneier saying, "We've added some veteran guys and some of the other guys who have been here a couple of years. So, in the skill positions, positions we have some talented guys so it is a matter of making plays on game day, being in the right position, getting them the ball, and letting them make plays." The Giants have given Eli Manning plenty of weapons to work with.

Looking into next season, the team should be able to make it to the playoffs behind the weak NFC East this year. The only team that looks to compete with the Giants are the Dallas Cowboys, but other than that no one.

The Offensive line is still an issue

Regardless of the fact of improving the offense, the team still does not have a great offensive line, which could hinder them in the season. Players like center Weston Richburg have been promising, but other players like Eric Flowers have been pretty disappointing, to say the least.

The only player the team has signed on the line that is a decent player is D.J. Fluker on a one-year deal from the San Diego Chargers.

The problems with the offensive line could come as an issue in the season and also in the playoffs.

The team will be looking to throwing the ball out quick.

Odell Beckham Jr. will be looking for a new deal

After next season, one of the most polarizing and energetic players will be looking to a new deal with the team which is predicted to involve a lot of money. He has just come out of getting a 29 million dollar deal with Nike for 5 years. The player deserves it after his big contributions to the team. Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the best receivers in the league behind others like Antonio Brown and Julio Jones. It can be argued that he is a top 5 receiver.

The problem last season was with OBJ trying to carry the team on offense under heavy pressure. The Giants other receivers did not contribute besides Odell, which led to teams doubling him.

This year will be a different story as he has plenty of help. The Giants should be looking to making their star player happy.

It can also be argued that without Odell the Giants would not be doing so well. The team has made it easier on him by signing other offensive weapons. The Giants offense looks impressive going into next season, but will it be good under a weak offensive line? If the Giants can get the offense to click, the team will be a threat in the NFL for next season.