The National League Most Valuable Player race is going to be tight this year. These players are going to duke it out as we enter the final month and a half of the season. Bryce Harper would be on this list, but after suffering a hyperextended knee, his timetable for return is unknown. These following players have strong resumes that will build as the season progresses, and will have a shot to win the MVP award.

Paul Goldschmidt-Arizona Diamondbacks

The only positive outcome of the Harper injury was for Goldschmidt. The Diamondback slugger is batting .318 with 28 Home Runs and 92 runs batted in.

Goldschmidt has never won an MVP but could win his first one if he clips over 100 RBIs again. The Diamondbacks have a potent lineup already, but Goldschmidt is the glue that keeps it together.

Nolan Arenado-Colorado Rockies

Arenado has the benefit of playing at Coors Field, but Arenado is the only player in the majors with 100 runs batted in, and it is just August 13th. If Arenado keeps his batting average above .300, and clips around 40 home runs, this slugger could bring home his first MVP award.

Daniel Murphy-Washington Nationals

Murphy deserves credit as he is hitting .330 with 20 home runs and 78 runs batted in. Murphy would receive more attention if he wasn't playing alongside Harper. Murphy has nine fewer home runs than Harper but is only nine RBIs short too.

Even though his numbers are less, his stat line would look pretty dazzling on another team.

Max Scherzer-Washington Nationals

It's nice when your team has two MVP candidates. Scherzer might have the Cy Young Award wrapped up, but could make a bid to win the MVP as well. Scherzer leads the major leagues in innings pitcher, strikeouts, opposing batting average, and WHIP.

He is second in the majors in earned run average, but he trails the injured Clayton Kershaw. Scherzer has a low win total with 12 wins, but his other stats could sway voters anyway.

Joey Votto-Cincinnati Reds

Votto deserves a shot at winning the MVP despite being on a last place team in the Central. Votto is batting .313 with 31 home runs and 85 runs batted in.

His 1.046 on base percentage/slugging percentage leads the MLB. Votto just became the all time leading home run hitter at Great American Ballpark. Votto may not the award since the Reds are not a playoff team, but Votto could finish the season with 40 home runs and 100 RBIs. That should count for something, right?