It’s that time of the year again! Football is back and millions of fans who love to play Fantasy Football are already planning their annual fantasy draft parties. While fantasy football fans are excited that another season is on the horizon, the big question is how do you draft that “diamond in the rough” that is going to help you win your league?

Top quarterbacks are a dime a dozen, right?

NFL fans know who the best quarterbacks are, that is no mystery. However, fantasy players are always looking for one or two big names that they are hoping will get overlooked and fall into their lap in the later rounds.

Sure, when it comes to quarterbacks, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees always jump to the forefront for good reason, but the trick is to get that middle of the pack guy who can be better than average most weeks and has the capability of going off from time to time. Here are five fantasy football quarterbacks that could be on the verge of a great season.

Fantasy Football top five overlooked quarterbacks

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions: The Lions have the talent to win the NFC North, however, they go through periods during games where they look lethargic and lost. Stafford puts up monster numbers for a team that still struggles to consistently play over .500 football.

Eli Manning, New York Giants: The Giants seem to be a year-to-year mystery, but when Eli Manning is on his game, the New York Giants can beat anybody.

Adding Brandon Marshall alongside Odell Beckham, Jr. will help Manning out tremendously in 2017.

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles: Is Wentz a one-year wonder? I don’t think so. It will be hard for Wentz to duplicate a rookie season in which he threw for nearly 4,000 yards, but he has the raw skills to have a great sophomore campaign.

Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals: Always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Dalton has led the Bengals to the postseason fours times in his six-year career, yet the Bengals have zero playoff wins. Still, you can’t deny the numbers and the possibility of having a great 2017 season.

Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans: Mariota has been getting better each year, and would probably draw more attention if he played in a bigger market.

In 2016, Mariota scored at least 20 fantasy points in nine of his first 12 games, which is pretty darn good. During that stretch, he was ranked in the top 10 among all quarterbacks seven different times.

Who are your sleeper quarterbacks heading into the 2017 fantasy football season?