The suspension of Ezekiel Elliott is not only sending shock waves through the camp of the Dallas Cowboys, but also is having a direct effect on fantasy football drafts and Las Vegas sportsbooks as well. Elliott tweeted on Friday evening that while he is truly sorry for his actions, he is disappointed by the league's decision to make him sit out six games.

How Elliott’s suspension is changing Dallas’ odds

While it is true that one man does not make a team, don’t tell that to the NFL experts in Las Vegas that set the futures prop bet odds for the upcoming NFL season.

Multiple sources are reporting that sportsbooks all along the Las Vegas strip were suspending or changing various odds on the Dallas Cowboys late Friday afternoon when the official news came down that the NFL had suspended star running back Ezekiel Elliott for six games.

The Cowboys were listed anywhere from 3.5 to 4.5 favorites in Week 1 against the rival New York Giants. However, as of right now, many sportsbooks have taken that line down and aren’t currently accepting wagers on the Week 1 matchup at all. That isn’t the only line that has been adjusted for the Cowboys. Almost every book in Vegas, along with online sportsbook giant Bovada, have temporarily been taken down at this time on many of the futures bets on the Cowboys - including wagers on Dallas’ over/under season win total.

Before the Elliott suspension news broke, the Cowboys 2017 win total was listed at 9.5.

Dallas has also taken a hit in the odds department when it comes to winning the NFC crown. Once installed as 9-4 favorites, the Cowboys have fallen to 6-1, putting them behind the Green Bay Packers (7-2), Seattle Seahawks (9-2), and the Atlanta Falcons at 5-1.

Another popular prop bet that has seen an adjustment are the Cowboys’ Super Bowl odds. Dallas has been deemed the “sexy” pick to win the NFC Conference by many NFL experts heading into training camp, and were among the top favorites to win the 2018 NFL title next February.

In fact, the Cowboys have been taking in a ton of money at Vegas sportsbooks since July to win Super Bowl 52.

Only the defending champion New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders have brought in more wagering action than Dallas. One of the more popular attractions on the Vegas strip, the Westgate SuperBook has already changed Dallas’ odds to win the Super Bowl from 10-1 to 12-1 since Elliott's suspension was officially announced.

Who will replace Elliott?

Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott were “Mr. Everything” last season when it came to the Cowboys offense. So who will pick up the slack in Elliott’s absence? That task will fall upon Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris. Both McFadden and Morris have had a good taste of success in the NFL, and they are certainly more than capable of filling in for Elliott during his suspension.

If McFadden can play half as well as he did for Dallas back in 2015, the Cowboys should be okay for the time that Elliott has to sit out. McFadden averaged 4.6 yards per carry as he rushed for 1,089 yards in '15. Morris, on the other hand, has seen his numbers fall over the past few seasons, however, the former Redskins star is far from your average backup. He has rushed for over 1,000 yards three times in his first five seasons as a pro.

Elliott’s suspension is due to a violation of the league's personal conduct policy. He is expected to appeal it in effort to have it dropped or at least reduce the amount of games he is scheduled to miss.