Cordarrelle Patterson has the coolest name in all of professional sports. There, I said it. I think he has an amazing name, and he has an amazing talent. He has returned punts for touchdowns in Minnesota, and he is electrifying even when he does not return punts for a score. He is a threat that must be planned for, and teams that see him receiving the ball for the Raiders will be upset that they did not sign him.

He is a speedy receiver

Patterson is a speedy receiver who can catch passes in the offense, and he provides a weapon for Derek Carr. The Raiders want to have as many weapons on the field as possible, and they plan to score as many points as they can this season.

They seem to have bulked up their offense for a playoff push, and I believe that they could have beaten the Patriots last season had they not lost Carr. Adding Patterson to the return game changes things just a bit.

Planning for returners is hard

Special teams are hard to coach as it is, and teams that send return teams on the field often do not have time to gameplan for someone as fast or as elusive as Patterson. We have all seen players simply get on the field and hope for the right angle on a player as they go in for the tackle. You could very well choose a great angle on Patterson, but he will run too fast for you to catch him. You will reach the point you thought he would be, and he will be long gone.

You look foolish, and he is running away.

What difference does it make?

Kick and punt returns are often the most demoralizing plays in all of football. Let us say that your favorite team is only down one touchdown. You gave up that touchdown on the last series, your offense punts on fourth down, and Patterson returns the kick for a touchdown.

Even if he only returns the kick into your territory, it looks bad for everyone involved. Your defense has to run back on the field with awful field position, and the Raiders will take only a few plays to score. You have given up 14 points in a matter of a couple minutes on the game clock, and the game may be out of reach at that point.

Patterson may not seem like a game-changer, but he could be.

I like the Raiders

I believe football is better when the Raiders are relevant, and I like them to go far in the AFC this season. I think they have a real chance to beat the Patriots, and they may be the heir apparent to the Patriots when Tom Brady retires. Imagine a situation in which Derek Carr ascends in Tom Brady's absence. That is what the Raiders have planned.