It seems that any chance of seeing Colin Kaepernick hooking up with the Baltimore Ravens has vanished into thin air with team owner Steve Bisciotti resistant to the idea. This means that the team's plan of adding another quarterback still remains though the 29-year-old quarterback has been technically stricken off the list.

The past days seemed to indicate that Kaepernick would finally have a team for the coming NFL season. Practically the whole team (general manager Ozzie Newsome, head coach John Harbaugh, and select players) seemed open to the idea for as long as the former San Francisco 49er could help them win.

Despite reports claiming that Bisciotti is against the addition of Kaepernick, Newsome announced on Twitter that the allegations are all wrong. He clarified that there is a process and emphasized that Bisciotti has not blocked the move.

Cover-up or no chance

With the statement of Newsome, Kaepernick technically finds himself back to square one. Assuming that Bisciotti is not coy with the idea, the probable reason will likely be his activism issues, particularly that kneeling protest when the US national anthem was played last season.

The Ravens could use some talent at the quarterback position with Joe Flacco dealing with a back injury.

Flacco was apparently aware of the possibility and knows Kaepernick could be a starter if teams would give him the chance. Seeing that he is the official starting quarterback for the Ravens, Flacco joked that he hopes it would not be in Baltimore.

Ravens linebacker Terrell Sluggs, on the other hand, seemed open to adding the embattled quarterback to the team for as long as he could help Baltimore perform better.

In that interview with ESPN, he had no issues and emphatically batted for the inclusion of Kaepernick.

Know your role

With uncertainty still in the air, the only thing Kaepernick can do for now is to wait and see. Critics believe that he is being blackballed, mostly caused by his social activism. In fact, some NFL players like linebacker Ray Lewis game him some friendly advice, telling him to keep his opinions private and instead focus on playing on the football field.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, on the other hand, tells Kaepernick to try and stay in his place. Apparently, his social activism could be one reason why less-heralded quarterbacks are being selected over him, hence tied up to the blackballing issue.

Could this apply to Kaepernick’s tough search for a new home? Some believe it is so even if the (expected) denials are in it. It is a hole no NFL player wants to be in but Kaepernick will need to tone down and know when to tackle such issues, something that obviously does not belong to the football field.