The "Fight For LA" video campaign that was released by the Chargers is a way to reach out to the people of Los Angeles as the team moves to the city. They will sit in a tiny stadium while they work on their new stadium, and they need the LA fans to know that they care. The Ad Campaign is an interesting take on speaking to fans, and some fights broke out over the weekend in the city. The Chargers cannot be responsible for fans fighting over football, but they may have shown that the city cares more about football than they thought.

The videos are interesting

The videos in this campaign talk to fans in the city, and they ask players on the team how they will fight to be a part of the LA community. The players respond in the video, and it comes off as an easy way for them to tow the company line on video. The video itself comes off as a bit corny, but it does introduce players to the fans in the city. The city will be split about football once again, and it has more fans than we think.

Raiders fans linger

Raiders fans linger in Los Angeles long after the team moved back to Oakland. They have long been a part of the fabric of the city because there has been no professional football for so long. The odd Raiders fan who is intrigued by live football may show up to games, but most Raiders fans will travel to see their favorite team play.

The Chargers must create a brand new Fan Base that does not include the Raiders fans and Rams fans who are in the city. They will share a stadium with the Rams, and they must create a new environment where certain segments of the city are rooting for them over the Rams.

New fans take time

if we consider New York, we realize that Jets fans and Giants fans often hail from different parts of the city.

There are whole communities that are dedicated to the Jets, and there are many more that love the Giants. The same is true for the Rangers and Islanders, Mets and Yankees, and Nets and Knicks. The Chargers must do more than release one video to find a new fan base that could be drawn along community lines. They must reach outside the stadium to find whole parts of the city that will be theirs and theirs alone.

They should continue

The Chargers must be as visible as possible in the city because the city needs to have real players they can root for. Someone who does not know the faces of the players of the team will not feel inclined to root for the team and the "Fight For LA" video shows the players to the community, helps introduce the Chargers and eases their move.